K2 Triumph And Tragedy


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K2 "The Savage Mountain" is known to be the most difficult climb out there with the unchanging weather that rolls in for days and the Avalanches that never stop coming down and the climb of the Black Pyramid. It is the second tallest mountain in the world. When climbing it you have a three to one chance of surviving. Most of the ascents have been without O2 which may be the cause of it.

In 1986 K2 saw both a great year and Tragedy. Twenty-seven men and woman reached the top; but thirteen died trying. Seven of them whom were trapped for six nights at 26,000 ft. Although two of them live to tell this story.One whom died in a crevasse a couple of minutes away from base camp. Three whom died from a Avalanche on the West Side. The Author Jim Curran Photographs Expeditions to about every Continent and was at Base Camp for most of the time taking photos and watching the events unfold.

K2 is a story of tragedy, success, endurance to the limit,and ambition towards climbing the hardest mountain in the World.


Cost: $15.00
Paperback: 206 pages, with colored photos
Author: Jim Curran
Publisher: Mariner Books


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