Leki Ultralite Ti COR-TEC


Leki Ultralite Ti COR-TEC
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Product Description

These trekking poles are pretty sweet. They are lightwieght and are strong as well. Looking at other trekking poles, I found these to be the best and at the best price. Although, for me $100 is alot of money for gear. They seem to form to your body and be one with you instead of being heavy sticks in your hand. Without doubt, any trekking pole is a must have.


Lighten your load with the Leki Ultralite Ti Cor-Tec Trekking Poles. If you're trying to shed every ounce, why stop at your trekking poles? Go all the way with these adjustable, 3-section aluminum poles from Leki. The Cor-Tec's natural cork grips greet your hands with lightweight comfort that feels great in cold or hot weather. Leki's carbide tips flex up to 30-degrees without damaging the shaft, making these lightweight, 16.6oz (pair) poles ready for travel no matter how rough the road ahead.

Bottom Line: Covering lots of ground is easier than ever with the weight-saving, Leki Ultralite Ti Cor-Tec poles.



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silversummit - Jan 30, 2009 11:15 am - Voted 5/5

I have these and love them!
I bought these kind of on a whim awhile back and everytime I take them out I realize how helpful they are, especially for someone who is older with various joint problems.

When I'm backpacking they really help me keep a rhythm walking and spreading out the weight equally. Going uphill or down they give me something to lean on briefly. They steady me in talus and streams and anchor me when I'm slipping somewhere.

I guess everyone has their various 'off-trail' uses but one of my recent ones was to hold up our dining fly on the picnic table during a pouring rain. I also poked both into the ground and ran a line to dry my wet socks that same trip. I use both but I know some people only buy one.

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