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LifeStraw water filter
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LifeStraw water filter

LifeStraw water filter

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Object Title: LifeStraw water filter

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Created/Edited: May 18, 2013 / May 18, 2013

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Product Description

Perfect for the great outdoors, the LifeStraw® portable water filter can be used almost anywhere in the great outdoors including biking trips, hiking, camping, hunting, safari, road trips, emergency preparedness, or travel in the developing world.

LifeStraw® is an award-winning personal water filter backed by science, proven in the field, and its technology featured on CNN, Fast Company, BBC, Time, and the New York Times.

First designed for use in complex emergencies in the developing world, the LifeStraw® ensures that no matter where you go, you have instant access to safe and clean drinking water.



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PAROFESWhen I first saw this...

Voted 5/5

I thought "is that really possible?"

Well, it is. Several health agencies tested and aproved its results. Indeed this is a really impressive item to have inside our backpacks when in some outdoor activity, especially in some unknown place to us.
I got mine a couple years ago and still use it, still trust it.
Here in Brazil this pretty a case of "big bucks", it costs around R$ 135,00 (around USD 55.00). I'm sure this can be found much more cheap in US or Europe.
Highly recommended.
Posted May 18, 2013 4:45 pm

andrew davidSome Cons

Hasn't voted

I have a smaller straw type filter which I have used as backup, but I am hesitant to trust them on extended trips as a primary filter, even this one. For one, a hollow fiber (non-carbon) type filter will be destroyed if frozen. So you have to sleep with it- not a huge deal. Also, it is by design and definition impossible to dry this type of filter out completely (which is why you cannot freeze it- ice is "bigger"/less dense than water and so expands, rupturing the fibers so that they no longer function), meaning there can be leakage and small weight gain. It seems likely to me there is a molding danger during storage for long periods, but I am not qualified to say on that. This filter type also will be difficult to get water through. You will not enjoy sucking water through it for several days. Potential to block up is also high, and this type is appealing because you can drink from any source, however small or shallow, so you will be daring it to block up. The product recommends blowing through to backwash and keep the filter clean after each use. Promise is for 264 gallons, but remember that these tests are done using clean water with no microbes and the true to life result will be much lower, probably under 1/2 of that. (Think of sleeping bag temperature ratings- they are tested indoors, without wind, and off ground.)
Posted Aug 10, 2013 4:32 am

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