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Product Description

Voted in one of the top four belay jackets of 06 by Climbing Magezine.
This jacket is a versatile primaloft insulated outer shell/summit/belay jacket


The Loki system-

-Integrated Mitt:
The mitts on this jacket, unnoticable until deployed, can be accessed quickly when times are chilly. (the begiining of a hike or time on the summit)
There is no constriction in the wrist area while the mitts are in use, allowing body heat to travel down the arm and into the hand area, super efficient.
Used in synch with a wind-proof glove liner in times when dexterity is needed and or colder temperatures are involved.
The mitts can also be used as a back up application, if gloves become wet or lost.

-Integrated face shield/neck gaiter:
The gaiter rests unnoticably in the hood area.
The hood can be used with or without the gaiter.
When gaiter is deployed, it can be used to cover neck only, or neck and face and the adjustable hood follows the head when looking in all directions providing excellent hooded visibility.
The gaiter does not wrap fully around the back of the neck, this allows for body heat to travel from the chest and back area to heat the face and head, efficient.
The hood has several adjustability options for optimium comfort and visibilty with or without helmet.

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rasgoat - Jan 24, 2007 12:22 am - Voted 5/5

Awesome... thats all
Just recently got to try this jacket for the first time while climbing Mt. Marcy in NY

The mitts and neck gaiter worked flawlessly.

During the beginning of the hike, I was cold, and needed the mitts. As I warmed up, I put them away. As we approached the summit, with 15 degree (F) temps and at least 30 mph winds, I had to use the mitts again (and the gaiter). All of this was done without having to remove my pack or shuffle through overstuffed pockets.
The warmth was better than I expected and I could have easily been in lower temps without any discomfort.
Update: Used this baby on winter ascent of Mt. Washington, N.H.
The high for that day was 7 degrees with 30 mph winds brought the wind chill down to more than 25 below, this jacket was all i needed along with my usual layers and some hand warmers (which fit perfect in the mitts) because I have really bad circulation.
I say with confidence, this design is unparalleled.

The e-VENT Model

seth@LOKI - Jul 30, 2007 2:35 am - Voted 5/5

For lighter version of the Lodr
check out the Ring Jacket. It is a few ounces lighter, more packable, and slightly trimmer fit. I carry this for summer peaks adn packing, day tripping in the winter.
06 is 20 d shell and light, 07 will be 40 denier shell, a bit heavier but more durable for more consistent use. These rock. The mitts are more comfy than seperatle mitts.

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