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Object Title: Lynx

Manufacturer: Boreal

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Created/Edited: Jun 21, 2012 / Jun 21, 2012

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You can read the full review, with pictures on my blog.



The shape of the Lynx is comfortable for climbers with a broad forefoot. The heel has improved in comparison to the Stingma’s and it fits without discomfort. The broad band of the “V2 Rand” system distributes the force on the heel and creates an arch into the sole of the shoe. The shoe has a slightly downturned toe. The durability of the downturn is ensured by the “anti-deformation system” and it Works. The toe flattened out a little, but less than with most shoes.


Boreal made a nice tongue out of mesh. It breaths very good. They made a lengthwise fold into it and the edges are stitched to the upper. This way you don’t have problems with the edges of the tongue cutting into your feet.

The upper of the shoe is made of split leather. This stretches a little after a while, so it will become more comfortable. But after a while, the leather can stretch too far, so the shoe could become less technical. I didn’t have this problem on the Lynx. Leather also breaths better than synthetic materials.

Shoe sole

The shoe soles are made of the new “Zenith” rubber. This rubber performs in most climbing styles. I discovered one downside, while climbing pockets the broad profile of the forefoot doesn’t always fit into small pockets. Beside the sole is formed asymmetrically, but it doesn’t compromise comfort.

The sole has another functionality. Underneath the heel and the arch of the foot, Boreal applied ridges. It is very useful when the ground underneath the base of the rock is a little slippery. These ridges don’t interfere with the ability to heelhook.

The big disadvantage of this shoe is the lack of durability of the rubber rand. Quite fast after I bought these shoes, there arose a little hole into the rand of my right shoe. Now, after less than four months, the hole became bigger than my finger and there arose a small hole in my left shoe. This durability issue can become expensive on the long-therm. Especially because the shoes aren’t cheap, they cost 124, 25 Euros. I believe it is perfectly possible to manufacture the protective rand into thicker or more durable rubber without decreasing the performance of the shoe.

Lacing system

The lace system is easy adjustable, with a single pull onto the laces the shoe tightens beautifully without creating pressure points. This was made possible by the loops of the lacing system, which run around the shoe. Those loops distribute the pressure evenly. Also the laces are of good quality, they don’t loosen easily while crack climbing for example.


The Boreal Lynx is a very good all-round climbing shoe for climbers who like to push their limits on different types of rock, without sacrificing too much comfort. The “Zenith” rubber makes it possible for you to stand onto the tiniest holds, without slipping off. The tight fitting heel and the downtoe allow you to accomplish the most technical moves, without you being scared to pop off. The shoe isn’t made for beginners, because of the relatively high cost and the low durability of the rubber rand.



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