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Object Title: Mega

Manufacturer: Petzl

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Created/Edited: Nov 16, 2008 / Nov 16, 2008

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Product Description

Before LED’s became the norm the Petzl range of head torches consisted of the Micro, Zoom and Mega. The zoom was king setting the benchmark to which all were measured. However there was always a balancing act between weight, light intensity and battery life. The Mega was aimed at the best light intensity for the longest period of time at the expense of weight. It was heavy with the need to use three size C batteries, which could power the halogen bulb for nine hours. The Mega Belt version was available with a longer cable which allowed the battery pack to be fitted to your belt or webbing. The Mega is extremely durable, reliable (mine were) high quality and versatile, and with the belted version it was lighter than the zoom on the head. Currently it is still available, but possibly not for much longer as it has been dropped from the Petzl range on their website.

Petzl Mega

Petzl Mega Belt


On/off focusing bezel:
Focusable, adjustable beam up to 100 meters
On/off and zoom can be operated in same movement,
Bezel is easy to use, even when wearing gloves
Light beam can be easily aimed
Adjustable and comfortable headband
Water resistant for all-weather use
Battery case holds 3C cells or 3 AA cells for up to 30 hours light
Built-in converter allows the use of 3AA cells
Halogen bulb as standard with spare standard bulb
Battery pack made to clip to belt or waistband

Petzl Mega Battery Pack

Available accessories

Red lens bezel
Different coloured webbing straps
Halogen bulbs
For spares and accesories see the Petzl Website

Petzl Red Bezel

Petzl Headband

Petzl Halogen Bulb

General Comments

I have owned both the belted and non belted versions since the late 1990’s, they were initially used every weekend in the Welsh mountains and more latterly when setting up my firework shows and Duke of Edinburgh camps. In use for me they have proved totally reliable. The beam is excellent and perfect for climbing and working at night, particularly if you fitted the halogen bulb. The only downsides were with the non belted version the heavy battery pack on the back of your head was unwieldy so I rarely used it for climbing, the belted version was excellent actually being lighter than the zoom on the head, although being 6 foot, for me the cable needed to be slightly longer for unrestricted head movement. Some friends did have trouble with the wiring connections in the bezels. As LED’s became more readily available and affordable, like many others I attempted the hash up a set of 4 LEDs in exchange for the halogen bulb, but not really successful. Yes it has had its day, but for me I have to confess to preferring these more traditional head torches to the LED versions, yes they are heavier, yes more cumbersome, yes the battery life is awful but the light is far more natural, softer on the eyes and I am yet to see an LED version that has the beam of the Mega with a Halogen bulb.



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