Mini Prusik Minding Pulley


Mini Prusik Minding Pulley
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Object Title Mini Prusik Minding Pulley
Manufacturer Petzl
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Page Type Sep 9, 2008 / Mar 13, 2009
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Product Description

Glacier travel and crevasse rescue call for the specially designed Petzl Mini Prusik Minding Pulley. This 2.8 ounce pulley uses a flat bottom profile to keep your prusik knot from being sucked inside, so you don't have to sacrifice a member of the rescue team to this minimal but essential task. Properly used, the Petzl Mini Prusik Minding Pulley can also facilitate solo rescues that would otherwise be nearly impossible without a partner to watch the prusik knot.

Designed for pulley systems and hauling.

• Suitable for use with a Prusik hitch as a progress capture device.
• Sheave fitted with sealed ball bearings for high efficiency.
• Very compact, flat shape.


• Breaking strength : 8.5 kN x 2 = 17 kN.
• Working load: 2 kN x 2 = 4 kN.
• For use with ropes of maximum diameter 11 mm.
• Weight: 2.8oz (80g)
• Individually tested


US Retail Price: $39.95



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Alpinist - Sep 9, 2008 12:12 pm - Voted 5/5

I used this on Shasta and Denali for crevasse rescue and it worked flawlessly during training. We fortunately didn't have to perform a live rescue. However, we held an all day crevasse rescue training class during which we had the opportunity to compare the Mini Prusik Minding Pulley with other rescue pulleys. (We set up several Z-pulley rescue systems.)

The Mini Prusik Minding Pulley really did prevent the prusik cord from getting jammed in the pulley, whereas we had continual jamming problems with the other pulleys. The ball bearings yield a very smooth and frictionless rotation of the pulley. It's easy to use and well constructed / durable. I am very happy with this device.

I also used it to pull my sled. The pulley equalizes the load while traversing slopes so the sled doesn't pull you off balance so much. (Here's a helpful article by AAI on how to rig the pull cords.)

Augie Medina - Feb 17, 2010 5:11 pm - Hasn't voted

Canyoneering Use
I agree this is a great, lightweight prusik minding pulley. Besides crevasse rescue use, I've used this pulley as part a system to convert a blocked single strand rappel to a releasable system so that a stuck rappeler could be raised.

Brian C - Dec 16, 2010 10:31 pm - Voted 5/5

Nice safety addition
There are so many uses and this pulley is so light and easy to use. Really like the prussik minding feature.

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