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Future alpine historians will have to declare a winner in the competition between climbing techniques and the tools that make them possible: probably there’ll never be a winner as it’ll never come to an end.

Following on from what was essentially a ‘long stick’ that Paccard and Balmat used to conquer Mont Blanc on the 8th August 1786 progress and changes have followed one after another.

Every now and then the rule of the game has been upset by a revolution: teeth on the blade, banana blades, light alloy shafts, shafts with all sorts of curves, ergonomic grips….

The most recent revolution, the Monster, comes to the light in 2004.

Experts in competition climbing, bouldering, extreme dry tooling, total dry will immediately recognise the Monster for what it is, not a new ice axe, but the most efficient extension of their own arm for hooking on the most difficult terrains.

The shaft has multiple grips for traction, swings, hand swap-overs, new positions and interpretations: all power to imagination!

Forged pick with teeth at all angles, straight, inverse, into holes, onto the tiniest holds.

Modern design and new-style graphics make the Monster unique, plus the multiple presentations letting everybody choose according to their own personal inspiration.

And, a last final bit of news, Grivel’s years of experience and huge technological capacity mean that the price is cut to half than a modern technical ice axe. As an advertising campaign could say: two for the price of one!

One size: 49 cms

Weight: 670 grams


MONSTER cannot be rated as an ice axe, therefore it is not a PPE.: “Personal Protective Equipment”. It is made for progression and it does not provide safety against falls from height.

Note: This tool is designed for climbers who know how to use them, and recognise the situations appropriate for their use.



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tommi - Feb 24, 2007 1:09 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
Realy excellent tools, they look so different and i have been sceptic, but they are really great pure ice climbing tools,

climbxclimb - Feb 10, 2010 12:13 pm - Voted 2/5

I rented a pair of these
I rented a pair of these just to try them, and I was ugely disappointed because of the way they swung in steep britle ice. They required several swing to achieve a good purchase.

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