Mountaineer Series (Men's)


Mountaineer Series (Men's)
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Object Title Mountaineer Series (Men's)
Manufacturer Tubbs
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Product Description

Recognized as best in class snowshoes, the Mountaineer will withstand the abuse from serious snowshoers who push themselves and their equipment to the limit. Patented and proven technologies plus performance-driven features for the fastest, most efficient and secure snowshoeing in extreme situations from deep powder and frozen windpack to steep pitches and the most difficult summits.


Designed specifically for men. Expedition and out of bounds in backcountry with difficult and extreme conditions including steep ascents and descents, deep powder snow, heavy wet snow, ice and windpack.


Snowboard Boots, Ski Mountaineering Boots, Hiking Shoes, and Boots



Momentum SuperLite 7000™ frame is 57% stronger
and 20% lighter. Ergonomically tapered for optimal medial
clearance and stability in all conditions.


RII pivot system optimizes efficiency, lateral flex and traction.


ActiveFit+™ binding custom fits any men’s boot to size 13. Asymmetric (L/R) design with enhanced Cinch Pull for ease of entry/exit. ActiveLift™ heel lift reduces fatigue during prolonged climbing.


Aggressive stainless steel Viper™/Python™ crampons provide unsurpassed traction in ascent, descent and sidehill traverse.

SIZING (For Weight, Including Gear):

MOUNTAINEER 25: For 120-200 lbs (54-91 kg).
Snowshoe Size/ Pair Weight: 8" x 25" (20 x 64 cm), 4.5 lbs (2.0 kg)

MOUNTAINEER 30: For 170-250 lbs (77-114 kg).
Snowshoe Size/ Pair Weight: 9" x 30" (23 x 76 cm), 5.7 lbs (2.6 kg)

MOUNTAINEER 36: For 220-300 lbs (100-136 kg).
Snowshoe Size/ Pair Weight: 10" x 36" (25 x 91 cm), 6.0 lbs (2.7 kg)

About The Manufacturer

For over a century, Tubbs has been synonymous with snowshoeing, revolutionizing technology while remaining true to our heritage of old fashioned quality and value. From gender specific frames and binding systems to rugged ArcTec+™ decking, from aggressive traction systems to efficient toe cord designs - we've developed and field tested most of the sport's innovations. Simply stated, Tubbs offers the most advanced user-friendly snowshoes today - and delivers unmatched value add programs and events to make snowshoeing easy to learn, and even easier to love for a lifetime.

Four key elements of snowshoe design - Flotation, Articulation, Control and Traction, (which, when combined, Tubbs refers to as FACTs) - are the basis for every snowshoe we manufacture. Understanding these FACTs gives you the technical know-how to select the right snowshoe to meet your needs.



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JoeyBagoDonuts - Aug 15, 2009 11:52 pm - Voted 5/5

Through the ringer
I knew I wanted a solid product that I could count on. I looked around, researched other styles and brands and kept coming back to the Tubb Mountaineer 25. After I purchased these babies I wanted to take 'em for a test drive. I wanted to really see if these were up to the task. If I was going to break them, I wanted to break them under controlled conditions and not when I was out in the middle of no where. I put nearly twenty miles on these suckers in the first few days I had them. I took them over exposed talus fields, climbed over downed trees, trekked across lakes of solid ice. I put these thing in every situation I could think of including lateral traverses, dry patches in the trail and super steep ascents. The only thing I didn't try was putting them in the microwave. They held up every time, with no exceptions. They preformed above and beyond all my hopes. They have one (brutal) season of use on them and I am very excited for the snow to fall again. I now have no doubt that if your looking for a serious pair of snowshoes, these are the ones. I put the Tubb Mountaineer 25 through the ringer last season and they came out on top. One seriously reliable pair of snowshoes.

asaking11 - Oct 13, 2009 8:26 pm - Hasn't voted

Solid snowshoes
These snowshoes are super bomber. I haven't quite put them through the test that JoeyBagoDonuts has, but they have never failed me. I have used mine for a couple of winters now and haven't had any problems with them.

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