Mountaineering Suits


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Manufacturer Nahhany Roamania
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Product Description

We could do with a simple down jacket on some winter nights in the Carpathians at higher altitudes this may not be enough. In freezing weather, one needs a special down jacket like the Nahhany winter down jacket, which has the down skillfully split into small compartments and the four exterior pockets firmly fixed and reinforced. The reinforcing bands on the back, shoulders, elbows and cuffs also play an important role in protecting from wind and cold.
The semi-tunel wood can be detached very easily, together with the bands on the collar, waist, cuffs and the “winter belt”. All these details turn the Nahanny winter jacket into a versatile piece of attire easily adaptable, reliable when it comes to protection but at the same time generous when it comes to preserving one’s freedom of movement.


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