Nansen 35 L


Nansen 35 L
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Object Title Nansen 35 L
Manufacturer Norrøna
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Product Description

[from manufacturer's website]

Dependable all-round 35L tour pack for any kind of hike nansen 35L Pack is a handy, durable backpack for most hiking purposes. The expandable lid has a practical back opening to get where you need to with less interference. Features include fully laminated waterproof zips and hide-away ice axe/attachment system. Suitable for weights between 7-12 kg.


Top cover:
- one external large pocket (laminated waterproof zip)
- one inner pocket for keys/wallet/phone etc.
- top cover extensible (straps on the back)

- space in the body is, in my opinion, more than a 35 litres, it's almost a 40 if not more!
- two straps on each side of the body, very handy for attaching sleeping bag, tent and/or other objects.
- two straps for ice axe attachment (two axes can be carried)
- Front zip with very wide pocket behind (laminated waterproof zip)
- Possibility to open the rucksack from behind the back, to easily access something in the bottom-half of the rucksack

- very nice top chest strap for keeping the rucksack adherent to the chest
- bottom strap around the waist
- comfortable shoulder straps
- the back is not ventilated, but very light therefore this does not pose particular problems (about sweating etc.)



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dodolatex - Jul 21, 2008 5:36 am - Voted 4/5

A very nice rucksack.
I found this rucksack extremely light and comfortable (I tend to have problems with my back therefore I absolutely need a properly comfortable rucksack). I found it always easy to carry.
The straps on the sides are very handy to carry additional items (once I carried a sleeping bag one one side and a tent on the other).

The top can extend and there is an additional strap to properly fill completely the rucksack.

The shape of the rucksack and its vertical development is particulary intended to keep the weight as balanced as possible, and avoid problems with balance especially in scrambly/mountaineering sections where one needs to bend and move, not just walk.
Its strength is exactly this comfort in not-just-walking sections... the rucksack does not move on the back and keeping balance is very easy (my old one was wider and balancing myself was a harder job).

The downside of this is the lack of any side pockets which could be handy to quickly get some water out of the body, or some food, or some other small object. This is not possible, and one as to open the top lid and access the body, which can be a bit of a discomfort. This is due to the need for a proper balanced shape as I explained before.

It is not terribly waterproof: it is meant to be and it is for some time, but for prolonged rain exposure it is better to get an additional raincover (not included) or a rucksack inner liner.

Overall a very good rucksack and it has already been a good companion! Recommended.

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