Northern Rocky Mountain Wildflowers


Northern Rocky Mountain Wildflowers
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A helpful guide to identifying flowers in the northern Rocky Mountains. I especially like the information regarding medicinal purposes as well as the history of how the flower was initially identified.

From This field guide features more than 300 species found in the northern Rockies of Montana, Idaho, Washington, and adjacent British Columbia and Alberta, including the Glacier- Waterton International Peace Park. Packed with vivid color photos and informative text, this field guide will help you identify and appreciate the varied flora of these wooded mountains, deep valleys, and rugged canyons. All plants are conveniently arranged by flower color for quick and easy reference. Edible and medicinal properties, traditional Native American uses, historical facts, and the origin of plant names is included in the comments section for each wildflower.


The introduction is particulary helpful in learning to identify flowers. Descriptive diagrams a quite helful for helping the reader understand the different types of leaves, flower and leaf arrangement and flower parts.

Also included for each featured flower is the following information:

name, scientific name and synonym, detailed description, bloom season, habitat/range and comments.

Rockvine Beardtongue
Mountain Strawberry

Alpine Forget-Me-Not

Unnamed Flower
Cow Parsnip
Mountain Douglasia

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ISBN: 1585920940
ISBN-13: 9781585920945
Format: Paperback, 280pp
Publisher: Globe Pequot Press
Pub. Date: May 2001

Cost: $25.95 US



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