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Nuptse Jacket
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Nuptse Jacket

Nuptse Jacket

Page Type: Gear Review

Object Title: Nuptse Jacket

Manufacturer: The North Face

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Page By: Alan Ellis

Created/Edited: Nov 24, 2002 / Jan 20, 2007

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The North Face's most versatile down jacket. Wear it alone in cold, dry conditions or under a weatherproof shell for complete snow and rain protection.

Sewn-through construction

Double-layer taffeta on the shoulders

Two covered zippered pockets

Internal zippered horizontal pocket

Hood conveniently stows in collar

Adjustable Velcro® elastic cuff

Single-hand elastic drawcord at hem

Jacket stows in internal right zippered pocket

Designed to zip into shell jackets

Lifetime warranty



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Alan EllisUntitled Review

Voted 3/5

This jacket is extremely warm. It compresses to the size of a Nerf football and it's light. However, it is not much good for three-season backpacking or the mountains ( i.e., summer Rockies), because of the down fill. Once it's wet.....it stays wet and is almost impossible to dry. I use mine for the crags or car camping.
Posted Nov 24, 2002 9:06 am

Brian JenkinsUntitled Review

Voted 4/5

Picked up one of these at a NF Outlet for $60. Very warm and great to have around base camp or belaying on rock climbs. Packs down well and pretty lightweight. Because I live in the Pac NW, I also have a synthetic parka that I use on most mountaineering trips unless I know it's going to be dry. Wouldn't want to have this one on if it's wet.
Posted Dec 7, 2002 3:20 pm

bigwallyUntitled Review

Voted 3/5

Scored one of these, out of the Sierra Outfitters catalogue, last year, for $99. Its a good, high-loft, low weight down jacket that compresses nicely. It does have "sewn-through" style construction that inherently creates cold spots. Its much more of a jacket, than a serious coat. It's worth more like $99 (or$60 as Brian Jenkins paid). The $199 price tag is unreasonable for what you are getting.
Posted Jan 26, 2003 5:11 pm

NYC007Untitled Review

Voted 3/5

For a down jacket its nice, its clumped up sometimes. I am a fan of synthetic.. But it constantly let out feathers... and the material wasnt to durable. my didnt last that long..
Posted Feb 24, 2003 9:58 am

dsnellUntitled Review

Voted 3/5

I agree with the sentiments expressed below: if you can pick up this jacket for under $100, it's probably not a bad jacket to have for sitting around camp on cold nights or belaying under dry conditions in the winter. For the $199 list price, however, I wouldn't buy it.

I like mine because it bundles up into a pretty small ball and provides a good insulation layer under my shell when needed. I have noticed that it's loosing alot of feathers and is beginning to experience bunching.
Posted Aug 9, 2003 11:40 pm

bbenseUntitled Review

Voted 4/5

Like some of the other reviewers, I got this jacket for

well under $100. At $199, you can get the same thing

for less money. Like all down gear, it leaks a few feathers, but mine has held up well for 4 seasons. In the winter I take it with me everywhere, if you use soft shell gear an insulating layer like this that goes OVER your shell for belays or rest stops is a very useful addition.

I treated mine with Nikwax Down waterproofing and I think this has worked out quite well. The jacket seems to stay cleaner and while the downproofing won't keep you dry in a down pour, it takes quite a bit of water to wet the jacket. The jacket is simple, light and durable. If you keep the limitations of down in mind, this jacket does what it is supposed quite well. The only downside is the price.
Posted Aug 11, 2003 2:00 pm

markradfordUntitled Review

Voted 3/5

A lot of money to pay for jacket that really is placed in the market for urban/ski use. You can get this for less both in the US and UK if you look around.

I agree with the other reviewers that it does lose a few feather but most down garments do - not to worried about that. As a mountain down jacket for me its missing some major things - you need some sort of waterprooofing membrane on the outside - the nuptses is non existant . The high abrasion areas need to be just that, able to stand up to a bit of abuse - the nuptses does not. There needs to be some ability to attach a down hood (Removable) the nylon one with the nuptse is a joke.

Its pretty heavy as it is, but saying that it is very warm and the quality of the down is good. However, for me great in town and skiing, out on the hill i would go for the TNF Summit or a Rab Summit or for lightweight version Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket.
Posted Dec 11, 2003 1:31 pm

jtmerrillUntitled Review

Voted 3/5

As a gift from a friend (which she too paid under $100 for this jacket, just a little research involved) I felt obliged to hold onto it and I was very thankful because of the friends comments i heard who also owned the jacket. However, it only took me one winter outing to realize it's delicacy and my constant fear of ripping ungodly holes in it through brush. It needs to have more abrasion resistant material on it. If they had continued the material that is apparent on the upper shoulders and neck throughout the whole jacket (however it most likely is not like that due to weight) then it would most definitely be able to withstand sufficiently rock and foliage. And yes, whether it's the nuptse jacket or vest, the hood is an embarassment. However, if you have someone around that can sew well (luckily in my case), you can convert the hood into a down hood nicely, just a little patience and the right shop for outdoor material can allow you to do this. Yet if you want something like that and are buying it for yourself, just get one with a down hood. It is a great kick around jacket for the town and camping as mentioned before, but for anything technical (at least for me, I am fairly rough on my gear) it just doesn't fit my needs. With North Face being owned by Vanity Fair, it could contribute to the "glamour" of North Face products and their relatively high prices...
Posted Feb 21, 2005 6:23 pm

awagherUntitled Review

Voted 4/5

This jacket is warm. I wore it about 2 hours through a rain storm in the mountains and it stayed in there (though I went home afterward - so I would not recommend this durring an overnight trip). Packs super well. I have a size large and it compresses into a softball (a little bigger) size or stuffs well into the pack. The hood is kinda useless though. On the down side it does not seem to be made of the strongest fabric (though I have had no problems as of yet).
Posted Mar 29, 2005 7:49 pm

MishaUntitled Review

Voted 3/5

I got this jacket for $80 on sale and it was worth that price. I would not pay more. Its decent quality but on the heavier side considering its loft and amount of down. Fabric is not very water resistant; it gets damp very quickly. Love the pocket-integrated stuff sack, very neat feature! IMHO, this jacket is too heavy to carry for climbing bivy's but should be OK for car camping and backpacking. If you want a lighter weight more water-resistant jacket, try Feathered Friends or Western Mountaineering
Posted Sep 9, 2005 11:33 am

Dottie Little TentUpgrade

Hasn't voted

I don't own this jacket, I ended up with a FF, but when shopping I learned that there is a harder to find "Summit Series" version of this jacket that has higher down fill( I think 750 or 800)
Posted Mar 3, 2007 10:55 pm

MountaingirlBCWorks for me

Voted 4/5

Scored this very gently used for $50. Like other reviewers have said... don't pay full retail for it but if you can get it on sale it's a nice jacket. Would be better with a DWR coating but I always have my shell with me when I have the down anyway so if its getting wet I just put that on. I've never been cold in it and it makes a nice pillow :)
Posted May 7, 2007 2:39 pm

tommiUntitled Review

Voted 4/5

This jacket is warm, durable, not a lightweight, now after 3 years i lost some feathers but for the price i got it, its a good deal.
Posted Aug 17, 2007 5:27 am

asaking11warm jacket

Hasn't voted

This is a great jacket. It's really warm, but is useless if it's wet. I would definitely recommend this jacket.
Posted May 24, 2011 3:34 pm

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