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Product Description

From Black Diamond:
"A revolution in binding design, the O1 has become the benchmark in reliable downhill power and control with the added bonus of resistance-free touring for uphill efficiency. Push-button activation toggles between ski/tour modes with the simple touch of your ski pole tip. In tour mode, a smooth ergonomic pivot point just behind the pin line offers efficient climbing; in ski mode, underfoot cable routing and a pair of compression-spring cartridges deliver unmatched power and a predictable, progressive flex for precision downhill performance. A one-piece stainless steel toe box and solid-wire yoke heelpiece add torsional support and lateral control. With three cartridge options for customizing stiffness, the O1 is the ultimate, no-compromise freeheel binding."


"Black Diamond raises the bar once again with the O1 binding. The O1 brings touring ease to the new-school active tele binding, combining a push-button conversion to a free-pivot tour mode with a highly active ski mode system achieved through its underfoot cable routing and compression spring cartridges."

Powder Magazine:
"Not only does it provide relentless power and stability on big lines, but it's got a killer touring device as well... uncompromised touring efficiency, where neither the boot nor binding cables work against you...if you take your skiing seriously, this is the binding for you."
"The 01 returns unchanged for its second year. Thank goodness. Cable cartridges underfoot - available in 'freeflex,' 'mid stiff,' and 'ridiculously stiff' - drive power to the ski on the downhill. But the best part of the 01 is its touring mechanism. A simple press of a toggle offers a frictionless pivot of the stainless steel toe piece, allowing you to ascend unhindered by either boot or binding. The only downside is that on super cold days the toe piece is occasionally reluctant to snap back in to place, creating a slight panic until it finally does."

Backcountry Magazine:
"I'd never known the pleasures of frictionless touring before my virgin ride on the 01. It remains my fave, thanks to its easy push-button mode switch and lots of power. The Ridiculously Stiff cartridges are really aggressive and the Mid-Stiff still kind-of aggressive. If, like me, you question the need for serious power outside the resort, remember, you can have all the power you want when you've got a tour mode to completely free your heels on the way up. It's not uncommon to be dealing with icing issues with the 01, but the cure is usually quick and simple - stomp hard."

Skiing Magazine:
"BD's 01 boasts a frictionless pivot under the toe that makes skinning up steeps as much fun as bombing back down them. Underfoot cable routing keeps the cartridges out of the way. A bombproof one-piece stainless-steel toe box holds your boot securely. And three spring flexes make it easy to tweak the 01 to skier weight, style, or terrain."

Check out www.telemarktips.com/Details1.html for a detailed comparison of the O1 and G3 Targa Ascent.


- One-piece Toe Plate
- Progressive Active Flex
- Choice of 3 Spring Rates
- Full-coverage Skid Plate
- 27.5 mm Lift

Uses: Steep Chutes, Lift Access, Varied Terrain, Touring

Boot Sizes*:
Over 305 mm
- Fits boots sizes 25.5+ in Scarpa/25.0+ in Garmont & Crispi.

Under 305 mm
- Fits sizes 22-26 in Scarpa/22-25.5 in Garmont & Crispi.

*Boot size is the ENTIRE length of the sole, measured from the tip of the duck bill to the end of the heel.

Weight: 1.68 kg (3 lb 11 oz) Std. MidStiff Pair

Available in the following cartridge stiffnesses:
- FreeFlex
- FreeFlex Small
- MidStiff
- MidStiff Small
- Ridiculously Stiff

Retails for $299.95



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T Sharp - Apr 18, 2008 10:56 pm - Voted 5/5

This binding rocks!
It is everything the reviewers say and more. It drives big skis accurately and the skin back up is half the effort! All in all it is the best binding I have used.
Only a couple of negatives....1] the rear lever flops around, and can be a pain to get on the boot....2] Only one size of climbing bail [tall] although there is a slot for a shorter bail on the heel piece....for 300 clams they should fork over 2 wires.

ps. Dont worry about snow building up under the toe when skinning, it doesn`t. The switch between tour and ski modes is smooth

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