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Omega 3/4 Season Convertible
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Omega 3/4 Season Convertible


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Object Title: Omega 3/4 Season Convertible

Manufacturer: Sierra Designs

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Page By: dsnell

Created/Edited: Sep 11, 2003 / Sep 11, 2003

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The Omega is a 2-person, 3/4 season convertible, free-standing tent from Sierra Desings. The Omega, in 4 season mode, is strong enough to withstand weather you will encounter on most mountains in the lower 48 and beyond. In mellower conditions, you can lighten the tent by leaving some of the pole sections and storm door behind (on 2003 model). It includes a fly with a 12 square foot integrated vestibule. The tent includes a ceiling panel that can be zipped open to reveal no-see-um netting, which allows you to take in the breeze and the stars. For more specs, visit the Sierra Designs page.



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dsnellUntitled Review

Voted 4/5

Okay, so I just bought the tent and have only set it up in my living room. So far, here are my positive comments:

--Typical of SD tents, set up is a breeze.
--The tent exhibits the quality of construction SD is known for.
--It is roomy inside the tent, even for a simple two person. I am 6' and fit inside well.
--The zipper ceiling panel is nice in that it lets in good ventilation, even with the fly in place.

Here are some of my concerns:
--It is advertised as a 3/4 season, but even in 4 season mode, it does not appear to be as strong as my 4-pole REI Mountain Dome. I believe the tent will experience deformation if exposed to significant winds.
--I don't think leaving the two pole sections for 3-season mode will make a big difference with regard to weight; plus, the sides of the tent sag a little without these pole sections.
--MY REI Geo Mt has an elastic cord running around the perimeter of the rain fly. That way, you can cinch down the fly and keep it from flapping in the wind. The Omega has no such device, and the bottom edges of the fly will probably hum a bit in high winds.

SUMMARY: the only other tent I have owned is the REI Geo Mountain. As you can see, I was initially a bit critical of the REI tent, but after comparing it to the Omega, I have realized what a good tent it really was. The Mountain Dome is light, roomy (3 person) and strong as hell in high winds.

Posted Sep 11, 2003 11:59 pm

Augie MedinaGreat Tent

Voted 5/5

I've owned this model for years and have used it in both 3 and 4 Ssason mode. In his review, dsnell had concerns about how the tent would hold up in signicant winds. Not to worry. I've had it in significant winds in the Sierra Nevada (granted, not Denali conditions) and it is bomber, assuming you've got it anchored securely.

In mild weather, I've used the footprint-with-fly combination. It works nicely. The vestibule is a decent size for parking gear. The tent is very roomy for 2 people and I've squeezed three in in a pinch.

My model's blue and orange color design sure makes it easy to spot from afar.

Given the concentration of venting panels near the door, this tent is probably best suited for cooler conditions. The fact that there is no mesh at the foot of the tent, means that it would probably be less than optimal in hot, humid conditions.
Posted Sep 6, 2007 7:11 pm

Deltaoperator17Jury Still Out

Voted 3/5

Nice tent, set up a breeze. Had up in the snow at 18deg. I would use guy line and snow spikes next time... to Augie's comment "anchored securely", so that is what we will do next time (in a couple weeks). Will come back and give an update.
Posted Jan 21, 2009 10:13 am

Deltaoperator17Re: Jury Still Out

Voted 3/5

So, the guylines stretched really make a difference. We had three "Men" in it and it was fine. We didn't have it the snow so maybe two people are more comfortable in the winter. I think its a good tent, still need some more expereince with it
Posted Apr 28, 2009 10:33 am

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