Pieps DSP


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Optimized Multiple Search technology separates the digital signals sent from the buried victims via the Digital Signal Processor (DPS) and clearly shows the burials on the display. The DSP automatically starts searching for the strongest signal. Once the position of the first burial is found, the rescuer presses “Mark” which suppresses the first signal so the beacon will automatically search the next strongest signal until all are found. The display shows approximate distance and direction to the burial as soon as a signal is picked up; the number of burials is represented by matchstick men. Triple antennae system offers an exceptional 60 meter range to help speed searches.

Runs on three (3) AAA batteries (included)

Includes carry harness and wrist lanyard


Transmitting frequency: 457 kHz

Range: 60 meters

Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.0 x 1.1 inches

The DSP Advanced model comes equipped with all the same features as the regular model, plus:

Temperature Display


Bearing Compass


Weight: approx. 198 grams(including harness strap, and batteries)


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