Platypus Hoser (New 2008 Models)


Platypus Hoser (New 2008 Models)
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Product Description

The Platypus Hoser has just undergone a complete revamp for 2008.

The latest Hoser features greater durability and features a new hang loop and taste-free drink tube. This lightweight, ready-to-use hydration system can be loaded into any pack, or used on its own around camp for drinking and cooking.

The Big Zip SL is the premium hydration system and is loaded with improved features like the new and easy-to-clean wide-mouth SlideLock™ closure with secondary reinforcement that ensures an easy and solid closure every time. A quick-disconnect fitting has also been added so you can remove, clean and refill the Big Zip without re-routing the hose.

The Insulator is a versatile new hydration system providing all-season protection for your water supply. Lash it to a kayak deck or a pack with the confidence that this insulated Big Zip SL™ will fend off freezing temps or blazing sun for extended periods, keeping your water just the way you like it. Drink tube and bite valve insulators included.

A range of Platy accessories allows customization to fit your specific needs.

Visit the Platypus website by clicking here


Standard Hoser
Standard Hoser

Updated materials and design for added durability and utility.
New SlimeGuard™ anti-microbial treatment keeps your water fresh and taste-free.
Converts any existing pack into a hands-free hydration system.
Modular design lets you create your own system.
HyperFlow™ bite valve offers the highest flow rate on the market.
Big Zip SL

Big Zip SL Version

New materials increase durability and flexibility.
New SlideLock close ensures a secure and easy closure every time.
Quick-connect fitting allows you to remove from pack without re-routing drink tube.
New SlimeGuard™ anti-microbial treatment keeps your water fresh and taste-free.
HyperFlow™ bite valve offers the highest flow rate on the market.
Ergonomic shutoff valve is angled at 90º for no-hassle, hands-free hydration.

Insulator Version

Includes Big Zip SL reservoir making filling and cleaning a snap.
Insulation covers reservoir, drink tube and bite valve to help keep liquids cool in summer and delay freezing in winter.
New SlimeGuard™ anti-microbial treatment keeps your water fresh and taste-free.
D-Rings allow for attachment to kayak decks, backpacks or even car seats for road trips.

General Comments

Before buying the latest version I have had three of the older versions. I have found them very durable and an excellent hydration system. Below I have listed my experience of them and the various issues and how the new version appears to have dealt with them.

Each time they needed replacing because the middle crease in the bottom had split sufficiently to leak. The latest 2008 version is not designed to stand up but rather be hung and so this crease is no longer possible

With the earlier versions it was easy to loose the mouth pieces, although I have not had this problem with the last model. It will be interesting to see how this new one fairs

With previous models if you did not dry them out properly and allowed them to go moldy, it was very hard to clean them out properly. This was partially resolved by the zipped versions, but it will be interesting to see if the 'New SlimeGuard™ anti-microbial treatment' does what it says on the packet

In cooler climates you needed to blow the liquid back or it will freeze, or in hot climates the bag usually superheated your drink until it was disgusting. However with the insulator this should be a thing of the past

I have also found alternative uses for the Hoser, I sacrificed one when the header tank on my kitcar needed a temporary replacement, worked rather well!

There are stronger and more versatile options by competitors, however for shear weight, durability and suppleness these are very hard to beat



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mountainmanmark - Mar 14, 2008 10:06 am - Voted 5/5

Time Will Tell
From the looks and the design of this latest model it should be even better than the last, but only time will tell

Alex Wood - Dec 3, 2008 9:09 pm - Hasn't voted

but the one with the seal is a little hard to use. Other then that, great product!

NCclimber - Apr 2, 2009 12:04 pm - Voted 5/5

I've had other hydration packs like Camelback, which have all started leaking at some point with the stupid huge twist top or start to develop growth inside the tube, despite "antibacterial" technology. For the 4 years I have had the Platypus (Hoser), the seals have never cracked, nor has it started leaking unside a pack. I will always use Platypus in the future, and try to get everyone else to as well. Tired of seeing people with soaked packs due to bad engineering.

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