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Object Title Rambo Mono Comp
Manufacturer Grivel
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Page Type Nov 18, 2003 / Nov 18, 2003
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Product Info

Use your legs to their full potential with these crampons designed specifically for steep and overhanging ice.
Drop-forged vertical front points kick in no matter how steep the terrain gets
Drop-forged in chrome-alloy steel, the front points provide shear-resistance and excellent penetration
Revolutionary rear-oriented points allow climbers to hook mushrooms or other features and pull in with their feet on overhanging features
Asymmetric shape fits modern ice-climbing boots, while the inward-curving points permit a more stable hip orientation when high stepping Multiple adjustments allow optimum customization for personalized fit


Specification Description

Weight 2 lbs. 4 oz.

Fits shoe size Euro 37-45, U.S. 4.5-10.5

Bindings Step-in

Construction Rigid


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Erik Beeler - Nov 18, 2003 8:04 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
These are the first pair of crampons I have ever owned and they have done well. I have climbed soft ice, hard ice and mixed in them and they have done well in every case. Climing around an ice curtain made me wish they came with a heal spur but most crampons don't. I really like the mono because it doesn't seem to shatter hard ice very much and I can put the mono into cracks and pockets that wouldn't fit a dual point.

I have Scarpa Cumbre boots and they fit it great. I have never had problems with them coming off. So far the points have stayed sharp but I am sure another season of hard ice and mixed climbing will take care of that.

STW - Jan 4, 2004 1:00 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
Outstanding crampon for dedicated waterfall ice climbers. This is not an all-around crampon by any means.

But these babies do rock on vertical ice and mixed. Especially if you're coming to ice climbing from rock climbing, these excellently-designed monos will allow you to use your feet the way you're used to. I think Rock&Ice Magazine gave them top honors for waterfall ice in their review for 2002-2003. Deservedly so, they are really secure, high performance crampons for vertical ice.

If you're looking for crampons for alpine routes, look elsewhere. These vertical-railed crampons will ball up with snow like mad and the lack of extra points under your heel-area will make french technique and descents scary. Get a pair of BD sabretooths or something like that for those routes. Keep these for waterfall ice.

They fit boots with a bit of a rocker best. They are totally rigid. I get great sticks with these. My feet always feel totally solid with them. I've never felt as confident on vertical ice as I do with these crampons.

redcell6613 - Mar 16, 2004 2:49 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
These crampons are awesome. They have performed great on vertical ice as well as mixed climbs. The monopoint is great on rock. If you are moving from dual points to mono's, go with these, you'll never go back to duals again.

The binding is super secure on plastic boots as well as leathers. Be careful with the bolts. They come with lock nuts, but have come loose on me while I was breaking them in. I would suggest using Loctite on them. The last thing you want is your gear coming apart on an ice pitch.

The only thing that would improve these crampons is a heel spur. I added my own by purchasing another set of front points from Grivel. I then cut the points off of the new assemblies and welded them to the back of the crampons. If you don't have access to a metal shop, you can purchase heel spurs from DMM and drill a hole in the rear of the Grivels and install the heel spur easily.

They do hold snow if you wear them on an approach, so be careful...strictly for vertical climbing.

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