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The DMM Raptors are built for long classic alpine routes. The Alpine Raptor comes with a traditional curved pick that’s perfect for self arrest. The Technical Raptor’s reverse curve pick is ideal when the terrain gets steeper. Both tools have the distinct advantage of allowing you to change the picks to suit the situation. A truly versatile tool.
  • Classic mountaineering tools.
  • Interchangeable picks.
  • Forged alloy head.
Standard Leash:

Simple slider-type leash. Easy to get in and out. Features a machined aluminum slider.

  • Simple classic design.
  • Easy use.
  • Durable aluminum slider.
Technical Data:
    Technical Raptor Axe45614
    Technical Raptor Axe50636
    Technical Raptor Hammer45630
    Technical Raptor Hammer50652
    Alpine Raptor Axe45596
    Alpine Raptor Axe50618
    Alpine Raptor Axe55640
    Alpine Raptor Axe60662
    Alpine Raptor Axe65664
    Alpine Raptor Hammer45612
    Alpine Raptor Hammer50634
    Alpine Raptor Hammer55656


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markradford - Dec 11, 2003 1:49 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
DMM have always made no nonsense gear - and the raptor is no exception.

Very, very tough piece of kit. I have the traditional curved axe and hammer, both quite short 55 and 50 respectively. From a glacier travel point of view they are nicely balanced, never feel cumbersome or heavy after a long day out. Feel very positive on snow and the rubber hand grip does not stop you plunging the shaft in.

I've done a few routes in scotland and the alps, and have found that as they are straight shafted you do bash the nuckles a bit. The leash feels very secure on the wrist and never feels like its cutting off the blood supply to your hands.

I think that when they first appeared on the market they offered a real pitch to the middle market of us who like plodding on glaciers/ snow routes and occasionally venture into the vertical world. If you just like plodding go for someting lighter like the Glencoe walker or Charlet Moser Snowracer Axe (cheaper too), or if you like a lot of vertical go for charlet moser quark.

On the whole, im happy with the tools as they fit my climbing profile - certainly an tool that a winter walker would find useful to progress to the next stage, but perhaps not for your purist ice climber.

Caralynr - Jan 17, 2006 7:29 am - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
I'm only just starting out with winter climbing, so didn't want overly technical tools. I also needed an axe that would be fine for walking / self arrest, as well as climbing.

The Raptors are technical enough for low grade climbs (up to grade III / IV) but the straight shaft makes them ideal for walking as well.

I've used mine walking, and had to self arrest with one a few times - absolutely no problem there. They have also been totally solid for axe belays, but when climbing I have ended up with bruised knuckles on steep slopes where ice has formed over snow.

For pure walking axes, there are cheaper, less technical products around, and for more climbing, I'd want curved shaft tools. However, As a multi-purpose tool for someone whose primary activity is mountaineering, with a bit of climbing thrown in, they are ideal. It's just a shame DMM have stopped making them.

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