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An innovative hyper-light multi-purpose certified helmet (only in Europe). It is the only one helmet which fulfills four standards:
1) EN 12492 and U.I.A.A. 106 for every climbing on rock and ice
2) EN 1078 for cycling, mountain-bike, skate-board
3) EN 1384 for horse-riding
4) EN 1385 for canoeing, rafting, hydro-speed.

Note: Only certified as a climbing helmet in the US.

PERFIX® adjustable system grants a perfect fitting for every head shape.
The inner materials are handled to improve the hygienic comfort and prevent mould stains.
All the materials are easy to wash.
The external shell, made in polycarbonate, is in-moulded with the inner shell made in polystyrene foam.
Slits and grooves, designed with a Venturi shape, improve the air flow.
The helmet may be provided with an eyeshade, and has four clasps to hold the strip of a frontal lamp.



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JanVanGenk - Nov 24, 2004 7:01 am - Voted 5/5

Lightweight, comfortable, just great!
Since I've bought Scarab it has become my favorite helmet. The Scarab is very comfortable to wear giving a feeling as if it was customized for your head. In fact, it is so light and comfortable, that I never bothered to put it back in my backback after finishing a climb and hiking back to "base-camp". I have used it for rock climbing, mountaineering, mountainbiking. It offers good protection, has excellent ventilation, good layer of padding inside, and a padded chin strap. The fit system is very easy to adjust. Last but not least, it has very cool look too, no wonder, as a manufacturer of the Scarab is an Italian company:)

Now some minor cons... There is a small problem of fixing a headlamp, due to the fact that the headlamp clamps are also functioning as the end points of the chin strap. It takes some time and practice to be able to fix your headlamp fast, but once in place, it is very well fixed. I only wish that the headlamp clamps were a little bit bigger. Another thing I've heard only, is that occasionally the adjustment button can pop open when bumped, though this never happened to me (yet).

Nikolas_A - May 3, 2008 5:06 am - Voted 5/5

Very comfortable indeed
You can almost forget you wear it. The ventilation is good too.

However the adjustment button thing has happened to me. No biggie, though, it's not like the helmet falls off but the fit loosens and you got to re-set it.

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