Sharp 8.5mm Double
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Sharp 8.5mm Double

Sharp 8.5mm Double

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Object Title: Sharp 8.5mm Double

Manufacturer: Edelweiss

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Created/Edited: Jun 13, 2007 / Jun 13, 2007

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Product Description

Edelweiss Sharp 8.5mm Super EverDry is a half rope that pulls its weight--and then some.Many traditional, alpine, and ice climbers prefer a set of half-ropes to just one rope. The advantages include reduced rope drag in wandering situations, longer rappels, and less weight. Some climbers consider the thinner diameter of half ropes to be a disadvantage in certain situations as it makes the rope more sensitive to abrasion and being cut when running over sharp edges; Edelweiss, however, provides an elegant solution to this problem with their Sharp Edge Resistant Ropes. Where most conventional ropes fail when drop tested over a 0.75mm edge radius, the Sharp Ropes remain intact. All Edelweiss Sharp Ropes come standard with the Super EverDry and Perdur treatments — the Super EverDry treatment gives both the sheath and the core of the rope a hydrophobic coating, and the Perdur treatment means this rope is 33% more abrasion resistant than untreated ropes of the same diameter. Wow! Comes in 60m and 70m lengths.


Thickness: 8.5mm
Type: Half Rope (Double Rope)
Length: 60m and 70m
Dry: Yes
Sheath Construction: Double-pick
Impact Force: ~5.4kN (with 80kg)
Elongation: 10%
Center Mark: No
Falls: 9
Recommended Use: Alpine, Traditional, Ice, Big-Wall
Weight: 48g/m


Blue and Green, $200 at, June, 2007



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Dow WilliamsSharps...

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My first Edelweiss ropes. After thrashing my Beal Ice Line on Utah sandstone (did not take long as a full time climber), I finally got some real rock doubles to leave down here. In Canada, I switch out between the Mammut Phoenix and Beal Icelines as we ice and rock climb, intermittently, all year. These Sharps are made for rock climbing vs ice. Appear to have a great finish on them and thus durable. Obviously a lot heavier. Will know more later on true durability. Come in 70's or 60's.
Posted Jun 13, 2007 10:52 am

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