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Shuffle Duffle
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•Three-way carry - backpack straps, shoulder strap, and center haul grab handles.
•Central Lock Point secures main entry points with a single lock.
•Durable, waterproof Bi-TechT material on bottom.
•Exterior compression straps.
•Exterior zippered side pocket.
•Integrates with Pack-It Cubes, Folders, and Sac's.

Capacity: 4600 cubic inches / 75 L
Dimensions: 28" x 13 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Fabric: 500D x 420D Neous Check, 420D Helix Oxford, 915D HP Cordura
Warranty: Manufacturer?s Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
Weight: 2 lb., 2 oz.

The Eagle Creek Shuffle - Large is an exciting addition to the company’s new “Deviate” collection. Capable of three way carrying options of over the shoulder, backpacking, or with multiple grab handles, the Shuffle is indeed one versatile bag.

The lightweight pack weighs in at just over two pounds! This packing light gem is for the guys and gals who are in good health and want to start out with their luggage weight allowance as low as possible. With the new Eagle Creek Shuffle’s you get a lot of carry options, plus you get a duffel bag with the appeal not seen with any other adventure line.

Leave it to Eagle Creek to design a bag with multiple fabric blocks to provide good looks and durability. For example, a trio of materials comprised of 500 denier x 420 denier Neous Check, 420 denier Helix Oxford, and 915 denier HP Cordura all serve to produce a quality bag. The durable, waterproof Bi-Tech™ material on bottom keeps the bottom of your bag dry and unless the bag falls in the lake, will keep contents dry. The balance of fabric is extremely abrasion and tear resistant and capable of many years of venturing the world.

Additional features include a central lock point to secure main entry points with a single lock. Exterior compression straps reign in an over packed bag and keep the bag within most airline’s carry-on size restrictions. An exterior zippered side pocket is good for the small stuff like documents, toiletries, etc. And for further organization options, consider Eagle Creek’s infamous Pack-It Cubes, Folders, and Sac's which integrate well with the Eagle Creek Shuffle.

The Eagle Creek convertible duffle is one of several new Eagle Creek adventure travel packs totally rethought and redesigned. From the collection appropriately entitled “Deviate”, the Shuffel Large is for those with a willingness to follow their instincts.

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delmarco - Feb 12, 2011 3:33 pm - Voted 2/5

Should be called the Clumsy Duffle. Straps are useless. Awkward to use. Gear Fail!
First off it looks good and looks practical when you see the picture online but when you actually attempt to use it the first thing realized is the dual main anchored carry straps are very confusing. Somehow Eagle Creek expected these straps to be used a variety of ways none of which makes sense. 1. Backpack Straps - not the best idea since the straps are razor thin and unpadded. 2. A Shoulder Strap - again the razor thin unpadded straps are not sturdy and comfortable for slinging a load over your shoulder (also the optional clip in shoulder strap is NOT padded and is also razor thin). 3. A Carry/Tote Strap - probably the best way to use the main straps but anyone shorter than 5'8" (my height) will see the duffle's bottom side grazing the ground as you walk since these main straps are purposely made long enough to pass for backpack straps and don't adjust short enough to be proper carry/ tote straps for a shorter person.
I substituted in a padded shoulder strap from a Mammut Rope Pro bag which add some comfort but the duffle is still very floppy and clumsy when carrying it over your shoulder or across your chest-style. I solved this by adding the hard plastic floor insert (that I transplanted from an old duffle) to the inside of this bag. This added some stiffness and made the bag feel less floppy.

- Looks great online and in person. Very unique bag. I got the green colour in the Medium size.
- Bag's bottom is an easy to clean light weight water proof rubbery fabric instead of the heavy, reinforced, lint loving Codura cloth that other outdoors Duffles and packs tend to have
- Relatively light weight bag for the size and carrying strength. I got the Medium size and it is paper light but strong enought to tackle a heavy load.
- U shaped Zipper system and waterproof side pocket zipper are cool and easy to use features.
- Very large side pocket compartment as well.
- Fabrics and stitching seem to be of good quality and durable to withstand years of heavy usage.

-$80 to $100 is very pricey for what will basically be relegated to status a car trunk duffle for those who keep it.
-The Shuffle Duffle's main carry straps are ultimately useless and utterly confounding to use. Eagle Creek should have made them 1. Padded, 2. Detachable and 3. Have a Specific function. This bag would have been more practical with various detachable straps and/or handles each having a specific use. Having a one-does-all set up doesn't really save weight and makes the bag impossible to use. The straps also get in the way when trying to unzip the bag or close the bag.
-The optional clip-in non-padded long shoulder strap is also useless. I just substituted my own padded strap - something that shouldn't even be a thought considering this is a $80 - $100 bag. It is like paying $70,000 for a BMW M3 and putting in more comfortable seats from your Grandmother's 1992 Geo Metro.
-Lacks a rigid floor insert that you find on most other duffle bags - Again the Creek must have
ommitted it to save weight but at the $80+ price tag it should've been included and then allow the choice to remove it for those go-lighters.
-Cross cinching straps do NOTHING to stabalize the load or hug the bag taugt unless the bag is loaded to the brim which is when you most likely least need cinching straps to hug the bag against the contents. The problem is the cinch straps are anchored too high along the side of the bag and shouldv'e been anchored lower near the bottom fabric. The result is that it only seems to fold the top lid fabric inwards and downwards which just creates a bigger tangle of straps and folded fabric to manuever when accessing the innards of the bag. Also the straps have cute plastic clips are which are soft and fragile.
-Clumsy to carry when the duffel is partially loaded. The contents seem floppy and tend to shift all over when using the shoulder strap. I fixed this with the addition of a rigid floor bed but it is still more floppy than other duffels I've used. This is mainly due to poorly place cinch straps and the shoulder strap clip anchors are placed in alternating positions so the bag tilts sideways when carried via the shoulder strap.


This is basically an overpriced trunk duffel-something that will eventually make its way into your car or SUV trunk and remain there for the rest of its life. It is not very practical for daily use (I.E going to the Gym or carrying Gym clothes, Laptop, books, lunch in during your public transportion commute to work as in my case). It also doesn't seem pratical for camping or outdoor use since the backpack carry straps are not padded and will hurt most shoulders when hiking with a full load.

Someone just mentioned to check out the LL Bean duffles. I did and noticed they have a nice reasonably priced adventure duffle bag selection starting at $29. The LL Bean Expedition Medium Duffle shows a good design that this Shuffle Duffel lacks and also points out everything that is WRONG with the Shuffle Duffel. Looks like I will be driving up to Freeport, ME next weekend.

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