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Product Description

“SIM“ = Self Inflating Mat: traditional style mats with hollow air channels.
The result: reduced weight and bulk.
Comfortable, slip resistant and durable!
SIM Light 3.8 and 5 were both highlighted in Outdoor Magazin (Germany, July 2003 and November 2004).


* Exped mats inflate quickly with wide air channels and valves.
* Textured polyester fabric is abrasion- and UV-resistant, and easy on bare skin. For improved slip resistance, top surface is honeycomb patterned, although it‘s not so ‘grippy‘ that would prevent easy turning with the bag.
* 2 loops at the end permit securing the packsack (stuffed with clothes) for use as a pillow. Generously sized stuff sacks offer easy packing.
* Only CFK*-free, high grade open cell polyurethane foam.
* High frequency welded seams add strength.
* Lamination process (bonding foam to fabric) gets special attention. Delamination, a common defect in other self inflating mats, is greatly diminished in Exped mats.
* Dark colors for rapid drying.
* Wide mouth valves close with just 1/4 turn. Valves are located on the ends, rather than corners, to prevent damage. High quality molded valves reduce weight and never feel cold.
* Included: fabric patches and textile glue.


SIM Light 2.5 short
Size: 120x50x2.5 cm / 47x20x1“
Weight: 460 g / 16 oz (mat only)
Packed: 19x12 cm / 7x5“
Temperature: 0°C / +32°F

SIM Light 2.5
Size: 182x50x2.5 cm / 72x20x1“
Weight: 690 g / 24 oz (mat only)
Packed: 20x15 cm / 8x6“
Temperature: 0°C / +32°F

The lightweight standard of self inflating mats in a full length. Same coring design of Light 2.5 Short. Packs easily in thirds!

SIM Light 2.5 BP
Size: 182x50x2.5 cm / 72x20x1“
Weight: 650 g / 23 oz (mat only)
Packed: 20x15 cm / 8x6“
Temperature: 0°C / +32°F

SIM Light 3.8
Size: 182x50x3.8 cm / 72x20x1.5“
Weight: 890 g / 31 oz (mat only)
Packed: 27x15 cm / 11x6“
Temperature: -7°C / +19°F

Outdoor Magazin (Germany) July 2003 test winner! A 4-season mat with horizontal tunnels offers lighter weight and less bulk than solid foam.

SIM Light 5
Size: 182x50x5 cm / 72x20x2“
Weight: 990 g / 35 oz (mat only)
Packed: 52x14 cm / 21x6“
Temperature: -15°C / +5°F

Outdoor Magazin (Germany) November 2004 test winner! “the best all round mat the Outdoor editors know..“ Very cushy, 4-season mat. Horizontal air chambers reduce weight and bulk.

SIM Light 5 DLX
Size: 193x65x5 cm / 76x26x2“
Weight: 1380 g / 49 oz (mat only)
Packed: 69x13 cm / 26x5“
Temperature: -15°C / +5°F

Same great design of SIM Light 5 with horizontal tunnels throughout the foam, but with added dimensions. Still, easily lightweight enough to carry!

SIM Light 10 DLX
Size: 198x65x10 cm / 78x26x4“
Weight: 2280 g / 80 oz (mat only)
Packed: 72x18 cm / 28x7“
Temperature: -48°C / -54°F

The “Fat“ mat for an expedition base camp, RV, or portable guest bed. A truly luxurious mat with velcro strips to enable joining of 2+ mats. Horizontal coring reduces weight and bulk. Two valves simplify tasks of inflation and deflation.



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tommi - Jan 22, 2007 9:54 am - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
Use the SIM Light 3.8 the whole year, also in winter for sleeping in snow. A very strong and good insulating mat

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