Smithsonian Handbooks Birds of North America Western Region


Smithsonian Handbooks Birds of North America Western Region
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Object Title Smithsonian Handbooks Birds of North America Western Region
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(Excerpt taken from back of the book)

This comprehensive handbook to the birds of North America:

Western Region includes 696 species - all birds known to breed west of the 100th meridian in the United States and Canada, as well as regular visitors - and 80 vagrants to this region. The Smithsonian Handbook is the first identification guide that includes details of the bird's life history in a concise and user-friendly format.

Identification: Each full-page species profile combines a precise description, annotated photographs, and artworks to highlight the key field marks of the species in each plumage. Similar species are shown and their distinguishing characteristics are noted.

Life histories: Further information on the bird's habits describes the typical song and other vocalizations, behavior, breeding, nesting, population, and conservation concerns. Typical flight patterns and nest locations and shapes are described with clear icons, and amplified in the text. Each bird's range during summer, winter, and on migration is clearly shown on a map.


Paperback: 752 pages
Author: Fred J. Alsop III
Publisher: DK Publishing, Inc.
Language: English
Cost: $25.00
ISBN #: 0-7894-7157-4

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2skinners - Jul 3, 2007 11:19 pm - Voted 5/5

Excellent Book
A bit bulky to take with you on a climb or hike but is a great resource for identifying birds. It is nicely laid out for types of birds as well for quick identification. I will sometimes take a picture of the bird in question with my zoom lens and then identify it later when I have this book in front of me.

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