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Product Description

This is an analog transceiver that has terrific range in the initial search mode and a no frills flux line or grid search operation. It operates on a 457 khz frequency and the pulse rate is 50 p.m.. The F1-ND has a claimed range of up to 90 meters, [though this is in the most ideal conditions].

This transceiver combines a volume dial/range switch with led lights that indicate when the strongest signal has been acheived, and thus when to change the range of the volume switch. The audible "beep" when in search mode is very loud and easily heard.

There is a "forced on" bayonet switch that prevents inadvertantly forgeting to turn the unit on. When the neck/shoulder strap is connected, the unit is turned on in the transmit mode, and the battery check light monitors the system. A large yellow switch is pulled out to the side to switch the unit to search mode. A safety catch is pulled back to allow the search mode switch to operate, this prevents accidental switching to receive mode.


The unit wieght is 250gms - 8.81 ounces without batteries.

It is 25mm X 79mm X 120mm in size.

It comes with a 5 Year limited warranty.


There is a battery check light that indicates green when battery is sufficiently charged, and red when it needs replaced. When the red battery light first comes on there is a reserve of up to 100 hrs. in transmit mode, and 5 hrs. in search mode. Battery life is stated at 200 hrs.with 2 AA alkaline batteries.


The neck shoulder strap is a thinner nylon webbing that is comfortable to wear, and the chest strap is thicker nylon webbing with an adjustable quick release clip.

Heads Up!

This transceiver requires practice and or instruction in its proper use to attain the quickest possible search times. It is not an idiot proof, give it to a beginner and he can find you kind of beacon. But if you are burried or if you have to find someone who is and you have practiced it is one of the quickest, most reliable transceivers on the market.

It has an extremely strong transmit pulse signal, when a F1-ND is passed by the control beacon at the start of the trip, it will be one of the loudest signals tested!

Because it does not have multiple antennas or a digital processor it can be $1oo.oo [or more] cheaper than the aforementioned digital models.

Practice Practice Practice with this beacon and you can have the fastest search times in your group! Now that is something to brag about!



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