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NEW 2002!! Tech Wing is a very technical ice axe. Its radically curved shaft allows hooking in any situation: modern mixed, dry tooling, genuine grade 7 ice. Explore the upper limits of winter climbing. The modular head is hot-forged. The shaft has 20 cm of clearance, allowing a long reach over virtually any cauliflower or into any pocket. The clearance is especially useful when pulling over a roof. Anatomically-shaped, natural rubber grip features a "pommel" to support the hand whether climbing with a leash or without. The Easy-G leash allows rapid manipulation: brilliant support on steep terrain but quick to open with a gentle sideways pull. It is efficient in the mountains where one continually transitions between the head and shaft of the tool. This leash represents real progress in an unexpected field. Choose the Mixte Pick "over the top" strength. Choose the Cascade Pick for high performance.

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Prize in Germany: € 199,-


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redcell6613 - Jan 22, 2004 11:18 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
I recently purchased a pair of these tools. They have a very radical shaft design and worked very well considering the tests i put them through.
They have a moderate weight. The wrist leash that comes with the tools is somewhat cumbersome and you would be better off with another Grivel leash called the Dragonee.
A nice addition to this tool is the buttpiece at the end of the shaft. It is very comfortable and makes your hand very secure on the tool. The grip is well designed also. It is rubberized and has a trigger-like piece which protrudes between the index and middle fingers.
This tool does not come pre tuned and will require some filing to get things in order.
As far as it's technical performance, it performed very well. It is well balanced which can allow for a smoother swing. The radical shaft gives a massive amount of clearance and performed awesome on cauliflowered ice and exiting in difficult situations and on ice roof areas.
When dry tooling, this tool's bent shaft allows you to keep your hand and arm closer to the rock, which is a beneift while tooling on vertical rock.
I have seen this tool retail for about $230 to $240.
This is an excellent tool for vertical ice and would recommend trying it out.

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