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Terminator is the world's first asymmetric crampons. It has totally rigid vertical frame with asymmetric continuous curve twin rails and 13-points. Front points can be adjusted to suit the prefences and conditions (asymmetrical or symmetrical mono, dual point or mixed mono). Splayed tertiary points help disperse snow and increase stability, especially when used with mono points. Equipped with step-in bingins (toe bail & heel lever) and nylon security straps. CE certified.


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Ari - Feb 19, 2002 10:55 pm - Voted 5/5

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Straight out of the box there is a minor nuisance as the front points are coated with heavy paints, so some filing is needed to get them in working order. I also had to reshape the front bail to get perfect fit.

In asymmetricalo mono configuration Terminator rocks. Its offers more natural foot position which is a blessing for calves, especially when placing pro. And their high-step ability is outstanding. Small tertiary points are excellent idea. With them mono configuration gives superior stability even on plain ice.

Dual point configuration is not nearly as great, as the points are a bit closer to each other than on most other crampons. This impairs their ability to penetrate in cold, hard ice.

xray - Feb 1, 2006 10:00 am - Voted 4/5

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Climbed a lot with them in dual point configuration, and that in not their strongest point. You destroy the ice with the extra tertiary points in combination with the front points, the distance between them is small compared with the Grivel Rambo(comp).

Front points, I do not like them, they blunt fast, much faster than Grivel´s or CM points, and take a close look: they are not shaped like a axe pick, there force is pointed down in a way you need to kick in with heels up... I need to fill them very often, and reshape them too. I did some tests with equal force and conditions and the G14 or Rambo bite better in the the ice without crunching the structure then the Terminator points did. Sure for mono frontpointing the story is difference.

So I am negative? No, overall I like these crampons. The frame is very stiff, you need tools and time and an example to replace points or to change fit. (same with Rambo). They are not too heavy, I climbed long routes WI 5 with them, they work good in ice/snow, with the red antibots (you absolutely need that) you can walk down save. And the free ´mixed points´are completely nonsence, I never met a climber using them.

Stars? Hard to say, frontpoints 2, overall 4.

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