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The Naked Mountain
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The Naked Mountain


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Object Title: The Naked Mountain

Manufacturer: By Rienhold Messner

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Product Description

Nanga Parbat, also known as "the killer mountain" is one of the worlds most dangerous mountains to climb. Before Hermann Buhls first ascent in 1953, 31 people had lost their lives attempting this avalanche dangerous colossus. Each year the mountain takes it's toll. When reading the statistics on the 8,000 meter mountains, only Annapurna has a higher death ratio. More than any other mountain, Nanga Parbat formed Reinhold Messner into the outstanding mountaineerer he is.

In 1970 the two brothers Reinhold and Günter Messner participated in their first Himalayan expedition. They successfully climbed the mixed route of the Rupal Flank to the summit of Nanga Parbat. The route where hard and the climb to the summit was a great feat itself. Due to extreme weather, the late hour and that Günther was extremely exhausted, they made the decision to descend through unknown terrain by the less steep West Face.

After three days of descending, both brothers were near total physical collapse. Especially Günther, who found it very hard to keep up in Reinholds pace. Near the foot at the mountain Reinhold was in front to scout a way through the crevasses. When he returned back up to meet Günter he had perished. Only a large avalanche cone showed the place where Günther should be. Reinhold searched desperately for his brother for a whole day. He just couldn't believe that his brother, together with whom he has shared so many climbing adventures in the Alps together with was dead.

This was the first time that Reinhold got to know the thin line between total mental, physical collapse and madness. With his last powers he stumbled into base-camp. Badly frotbitten, Reinhold had to amputate six of his toes and sevral fingertips. This was the third ever ascent of Nanga Parbat. - And a personal catastrophe for Reinhold Messner that took many, many years to get over.

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This is a story of one man's dream to climb the highest face in the world.


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ISBN : 0898869595 | Publication Date: 2003
Publisher: Mountaineers Books | Publisher List Price: $22.95
Language: ENG | Number of Pages: 320


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