VaporLock Locking Carabiner


VaporLock Locking Carabiner
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Object Title VaporLock Locking Carabiner
Manufacturer Black Diamond
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Page Type Apr 2, 2009 / Apr 2, 2009
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Product Description

Black Diamond’s summary is that this new
biner is“the lightest, full-function pear locker
on the planet, the new VaporLock provides a
smooth increase in friction when used with any
of our ATC devices. The VaporLock is ideal
for those times belaying and rappelling when
you want more control. On ropes up to 9.4 mm,
the VaporLock is Munter Hitch compatible. A
keylock nose and screwlock sleeve make it easy
to thread through a rat’s nest of slings and lock


I’ve also quoted their specs below, although my
kitchen scale weighed it in at 1.7 ounces.
Believe me, this thing is so light, it feels like a
plastic toy or something. Strength is stamped
on the biners as 21 kN, which is just under
most of my other beefier lockers (22-24), but at
a greatly reduced weight (30-45 percent
reduction). The one downside is that I’ve read
multiple reports of them wearing quickly,
which makes them better suited for anchor
building rather than top-roping, belaying or
other sustained friction applications. I haven’t
tried a field test yet, but will report back to the
message board if there are any additional
findings at the crags.

Weight: 51 G (1.8 OZ)
Closed Gate: 21 kN (4721 lbf)
Open Gate: 8 kN (1798 lbf)
Cross Loaded: 8 kN (1798 lbf)



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