Wired Wallnuts


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Object Title Wired Wallnuts
Manufacturer DMM
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Page Type Jan 4, 2002 / Jan 4, 2002
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Wired Wallnuts use convex and concave surfaces with differential curves in unison to assure stable, 3-point contact.

-Dovetailed sides, angled-and-radiused leading edges and tapered scoops allow simple, secure placement.
-Color-coded and individually marked for easy picking off your rack.
-Made of hot-forged 7075 aluminum alloy for an extra high strength-to-weight ratio.
-Stainless steel cable swages with extra-long ferrules for maximum strength and security.
-Batch-tested to meet or exceed 3 Sigma testing standards.
-Available in 14 sizes (00, 0, .5, .75, 1-10)


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Josh - Feb 16, 2002 2:04 pm - Voted 3/5

Untitled Review
DMM Wallnuts are tremendously useful on certain types of rock. Crack climbs where there are lots of crystals in the crack, for instance. The scooped out center can help out a lot. They're good for irregular or half-in placements and can be useful for flaring cracks. However, placing these nuts takes some getting used to. Practice a lot.

I like my Wallnuts, and I usually carry a few medium-sized ones with me. But, if I had to choose between them and good, old-fashioned BD Stoppers, I'd go with the stoppers in a second.

tiefenthaler - Aug 22, 2002 5:59 am - Voted 5/5

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I am climbing mostly in limestone/dolomite type of rock and find the Wallnuts extremely helpful. They are quite similar overall to Wild County Rocks but I find the Wallnuts easier to place. Basically, I never go for a multi-pitch climb without a set of Wild Country Rocks or Wallnuts, even if the route is theoreticallly fully equiped with fixed protection. They are the number one type of passive protection I use.

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