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Get the best out of your training with the new Suunto X3HR – a perfect training partner for the active outdoor enthusiast

Suunto X3HR combines the benefits of a heart rate monitor and an altimeter in a unique way; making it a perfect training partner for the active outdoor enthusiast. Measuring body performance and environmental data during an exercise gives you the advantage of getting the best out of your training. To maximize the effect of training, Suunto X3HR also introduces two new ways of controlling the exertion level in relation to the target heart rate zone.

The altimeter functions make Suunto X3HR particularly well suited for sports in variable terrain, such as running, mountain biking and hiking. In these types of activities, the cumulative ascent is an especially useful gauge of performance. Additionally, the weather functions assist in forecasting the conditions and planning the day’s activities.

Compact, lightweight and stylish, Suunto X3HR has high visual value and can be used as a regular wristwatch. In comparison to ordinary heart rate monitors, it goes one step further and is an easy-to-use and versatile wristop computer for both athletes and people with active lifestyles who train systematically to achieve goals and actively monitor and analyze their performance.


Control your training: The combination of an altimeter and a heart rate monitor make Suunto X3HR a practical tool in all outdoor and endurance sports. A unique new feature that displays the average heart rate in real-time throughout the training session, makes training level management easier than ever before. A graphical display continuously indicates the current heart rate in relation to the target zone, helping control the training intensity even when training within the target zone limits. The interval timer assists in circuit training and interval training.

Know your environment: The altimeter supports navigation and gives you interesting information when you are on the move in nature. The barometer and thermometer give you essential information that helps you estimate how the weather is going to look like.


For post-performance assessment, Suunto X3HR stores data on training duration; average, minimum and maximum heart rate; cumulative ascent and descent; and the highest and lowest altitude in the training session. It can also store up to 10 split/lap times with the heart rate in each training file. The memory can hold data for up to 10 training sessions.



- Operating temperature –20 °C to +50 °C/-4 °F to +120 °F

- Storage temperature –20 °C to +60 °C/-4 °F to +140 °F

- Weight 50 g

- Water resistant to 30m / 100ft (ISO 2281 standard)

- User replaceable battery CR2032


- Display range 300 to 1100 hPa / 8.90 to 32.50 inHg

- Resolution 1hPa / 0.01 inHg


- Display range -500m to 9000m/-1600ft to 29995ft

- Resolution 1m/3ft


- Display range -20°C to +60°C/-4°F to +140°F

- Resolution 1°C / 1°F

Calendar Clock:

- Stopwatch / Interval timer

- Stopwatch range 1 – 19h 59 min 59 sec

Heart Rate:

- Display range 30 - 240 beats / min

- Adjustable heart rate limits

Transmitter belt:

- Weight 59 g

- User replaceable battery CR2032

- Water resistant to 20m/66ft (ISO 2281 standard)



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Alan Ellis - Jan 9, 2004 8:49 pm - Voted 3/5

Untitled Review
Unlike other Suunto products which we have, this one doesn't quite live up to the Suunto reputation. Everything works fine except the heart rate monitor. The HRM only works about 75% of the time, and then only after you begin working up a sweat. Yes, I followed the instructions and wet the chest strap before using. However, it still takes a while for it to begin registering. This is frustrating since you lose the first section of your training log. Also, It takes three button pushes to get to the altimeter, while the barometer is displayed all the time. Who thought of that feature?

I was thinking of getting the X6HR, but am now skeptical.

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