XPD Heat Exchanger


XPD Heat Exchanger
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Product Description

MSR’s Heat Exchanger increases the efficiency of your stoves up to 25%. The unique waffled design channels the heat from the stove up the sides of the pot to increase the heated surface area of the pot. The Heat Exchanger is compatible with all MSR 1.5- and 2-liter pots. (with the exception of the Titan 1.5-liter)

Weight: 6 oz./170 g


- MSR Website

SP Study

Here is an interesting link to a study conducted by TheBootfitter:
SP Study



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JonW - Dec 31, 2007 5:45 pm - Voted 3/5

worth it?
I'm not sure this is worth the weight. I really only use this in the winter when a lot of fuel is used melting snow. I would think this might only be worth it when spending 4 nights or more, otherwise the weight savings in fuel is lost due to the weight of the HX.

TheBootfitter - Sep 19, 2008 12:24 pm - Hasn't voted

I was all set to post links to my mini-experiment... then I saw you already did. :-)

What I observed in my experiment is that the trials with the heat exchanger have used 15.9% less fuel and have boiled the water 20.9% faster. Assuming these results hold across "average" conditions, it only takes 38 oz (by weight - not volume) of fuel before the 6 oz heat exchanger becomes a net asset in terms of weight. Of course, it is a constant 6 oz that you have to carry rather than the consumable weight of fuel, but the time-savings should be considered in the equation as well.

Note: I suspect that the newer pots with the flux ring on the bottom (such as the Jet Boil or Primus Eta Power pots) offer a better efficiency-to-weight ratio.

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