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Product Description

The Zephyr brings to bear the best of modern boot design and materials for the serious hiker and backpacker. A innovative three-part midsole strikes a perfect balance of stability, cushioning and flex supplying outstanding comfort right out of the box. The Vasque exclusive Vibram® Summit sole is a functional work of art

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Vibram® lug outsole

my review

Hi, recently I got into hiking as aditional training to mountain biking which I love. Well, after I hiked through a few local singletracks and some trails on a local mountain (8 mile loop) I realized that I needed a high quality boot. The boot had to be waterproof, it rains heavily in the areas I hike. In fact, I have encountered heavy rain about 75% of the time. Last time it rained at a rate of about 1 in per hour at least for 30-40min. The boot material has to breathe somewhat because I hike in temps from 85 deg. F down to 65 deg. The boot needs to have good ankle support (the trails are steep, rocky and wet at times) and good grip. The boot needs to be stiff but a bit flexible to handle 25 lb loads and up (I also weight about 190 so im no lightweight). The boot needs to be versatile and work in other areas I plan to hike around the world.

Well after a lot of searching I went to a store to try some on rather than buy them online. I checked out some Asolo's, Scarpas and Vasque's. The Asolos were nice but $$$, I loved the Scarpa's (Kailash I beleive), they felt light and airy but supportive but they didnt fit me (waaay to narrow toe box and the tended to tip over on the side making ankle protection suspect). I ended up with some Vasque Zephyr II boots. They were sized right. I can use heavy socks or medium weight socks and they fit.

I have used them in very very heavy rain, hiking through a trail with water flowing like a small creek over it for one or two hours!, hiked through some creeks, mud and out in the open. My feet were bone dry at all times! Also the boots clean up easily. The soles were a tad slick at first but after break in they grip great even on wet terrain. The boots also grip the ankle nice and tight but has some cushioning so they remain plush. The lacing system offers great adjustability and holds secure.


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