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After two years of development and several new Patents Wild Country has created the smallest cams ever made! Zero cams allow protection for unbelievably small cracks. You can protect a .22" parallel crack with the #1 Zero cam. Patented direct loading axles reduce bulk making Zeros ultra-light. Wild Country's patented flexi-stems offer durability, incredible flex, memory, and cable protection. Patented trigger guides provide smooth cam lobe control. Six sizes are available from .22" to .94". Extendable color coded 10mm dyneema slings allow for quick and easy size recognition.

These tiny, light cams fit into the smallest placements, even slim seams. They’re great for fast micro-placements. Their slim silhouettes are made possible by a novel stem and axle design that is machined as a single unit.

Note that the two smallest sizes are not strong enough to meet the CE norms for dynamic protection (falls from a height). While the three smallest Zeros are as strong as nuts that are routinely free climbed, they are endorsed only for use as progression aid equipment (direct aid with static loads).

Four-cam lobe design.
Flexible single stem with loop end and two-finger trigger. The flexibility extends all the way to the base of the cam head; there is no rigid area to lever out placements.
Directional guides for the trigger wires along the flexible stem prevents "bowing”.
Aluminum cam lobes, stainless steel stem, carbon steel axle.
Six sizes available.


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Martin Cash - Dec 18, 2003 11:25 am - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
I've been using these little cams for a while now, and am impressed with their performance. Wild Country had it's work cut out for them trying to make a product that can compete with TCUs and Aliens, which have dominated this market.

Advantages with the Zero

1. With protection down to .22 inches, these are the smallest cams on the market, opening up new clean aid possibilities.
2. The most flexible stem on the market (made with a spring) means no more deformed stems like Aliens and TCUs get.
3. In the smaller sizes, the heads are the same width as a TCU allowing more placements with the security of 4 cam lobes.


1. Aliens have a bigger expansion range. The difference is very little, but I have noticed it.
2. The Aliens and TCUs have a little smoother cam action. This does not seem to be a big deal, but it is noticeable.

Zeros are very good small cams. Are they better than Aliens or TCUs? Probably not. They are a good product, and I would recommend them to anyone.

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