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Zipka Plus
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Zipka Plus


Page Type: Gear Review

Object Title: Zipka Plus

Manufacturer: Petzl

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Page By: Nikolas_A

Created/Edited: Aug 2, 2005 / Aug 2, 2005

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  • Retractable cord can be used to attach lamp to the head, the wrist, wrapped around a pipe, etc.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Three lighting levels (maximum, optimum, economy) and a blinking mode.
  • Long light duration up to 150 hours.
  • Water-resistant for all-weather use.

Technical specifications :

  • Operates with 3 AAA/LR03 batteries (included).
  • 65 g including batteries

Light duration
Test 20°C - alkaline batteries
4 L.E.D.
80 ht0 = 17 m
t30mn = 14 m
t10h = 8 m
100 ht0 = 13 m
t30mn = 11 m
t10h = 7 m
120 ht0 = 9 m
t30mn = 8 m
t10h = 6 m

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Nikolas_AUntitled Review

Voted 4/5

It's hard to imagine a headlamp lighter than this thas is really functioning.

It won't cut it for night climbing / routefinding (but I don't mind, I have my Gemini for that. It's perfect for a backup or carying "just in case" (it fits in the pocket of my chalk bag). When weight is an issue the second can climb with it while the leader uses a brighter one.

Great for camping / all around use and you can dim it when you don't nead much light, extending battery life a lot.

You can attach it everywhere. I tested it on my bike's handlebar and it staid put. Mounting on the helmet was no problem. I thought the cord will be uncomfortable if I wear it without a hat but it's so light that this is not an issue.

Though it's supposed to be water resistant I can see the contacts where the two plastic pieces meet. It's a bit pricey but batteries are included.

It doesn't swivel of course like Tikka and Tikka+ do, but it's very easy to slide it to the side (e.g. when you're talking to someone and don't want to blind him)
Posted Aug 2, 2005 8:53 am

OJ LoennekerNeato, but useless.

Hasn't voted

I recently bought the zipka plus because of it's light weight. Well it's light and small, and is great for small task lighting issues. But as a head lamp, it is not that great. First off, the beam is not adjustable so basicall you have to move it up and down you head to point the light to keep it inline with my eyes. I guess it's not an issue if you have a severly slanted forhead. Second, this issue is exasperated when it's mounted to my Elios helmet. It slips around and does not stay in one place when climbing....

I still use it, but I guess I should have done more testing before buying, so for now it's in my day pack as an emergency light, which I think it's very well suited for.
Posted Aug 27, 2007 2:53 am

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