Owyhee Flora

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Owyhee Flora
Created On: Mar 12, 2010
Last Edited On: Mar 12, 2010

Flowers of the Owyhee

The Owhyee Plateau area dominates the southwest corner of Idaho and extends into adjacent Oregon and Nevada. This empty area is probably the most remote region in the lower 48 states and is often called the American Outback. The flora of the area is largely Great Basin in composition with good representation of the Snake River Plain and hot arid canyons of the inland Northwest. In these canyons xeric desert species may extend their range from the southwest U.S. There are also a fair number of endemics found only here.

The habitats are mostly upland sage brush, sand dunes, canyon gardens, desert riparian shrubs and meadows, and rocky scabs and outcrops. Some mountainous country contains broadleaf forests, conifers and subalpine grasslands where some species typically found in the Rocky Mountains may occur with those of the Great Basin, but these habitats are not as common.


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Owyhee Flora

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