Pacific Northwest Plant Collaboration!

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Pacific Northwest Plant Collaboration!
Created On: Mar 2, 2009
Last Edited On: Mar 2, 2009

This is for everybody!

If you have a species of plant in the Pacific Northwest that has not yet been attached, please add it! Make sure to add the species (scientific name not needed) into the description or title somewhere. I hope that we can see a large amount of PNW biodiversity in this thread.

Dew BlossomSpreading Phlox ([i
Phlox diffusa[/i])]

Exploding Tiger LilyTiger Lily ([i
Lilium columbianum[/i])]

Sedum Flowers at Mt. St. HelensLance-Leaved Stonecrop ([i
Sedum lanceolatum[/i])]

Trumpets of LightDavidson's Penstemon ([i
Penstemon davidsonii[/i])]

Mountain s HarvestDwarf Blueberry ([i
Vaccinium caespitosum[/i])]


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Pacific Northwest Plant Collaboration!

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