Pacifico Mountain

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California, United States, North America
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Pacifico Mountain
Created On: Jun 4, 2007
Last Edited On: Nov 23, 2007


The San Gabriel Front Range

Pacifico Mountain is a the most prominent peak in the northwestern San Gabriel Mountains with extensive views of the San Gabriels, Mojave and the western Transverse Ranges. It has a prominence of P1610 making it the fourth most prominent peak in the entire range. On it's granite boulder covered summit is a nice small campground. Pacifico Mountain is the most western +7000 foot summit in the range.

Getting There

Take the I-210 freeway to La Canada andtake the Angeles Crest Highway (SR-2). Drive north SR-2 for 9.5 miles to a junction with Angeles Forest Highway. Turn left go 14.2 miles to Mill Creek Summit. Park here on the eastside of the highway picnic area for route one.


Route 1 Pacific Crest Trail
Cross the road to the PCT traihead and hike east for about 2.5 miles where you reach a road. Turn right and right and reconnect with the PCT and take it again to a saddle that lies .5 miles west from the summit and reaching a road. Leave the trail and hike up the slope to the summit.

Roundtrip is 12 miles with 2200 feet of gain.

Route 2 Santa Clara Divide Road
This route can be for a high clearance drive up, mountain biking, or hiking. Turn right onto the road just after the picnic area for route one and follow the road 3N17 Santa Clara Divide Road for a little less then 5 miles. You reach a junction with Pacifico Road on the left, turn left and take it to the campground on the summit.

Roundtrip is 12 miles with 2200 feet of gain.

The summit block of Pacifico in located on the southend of the summit area. It is a Class 4 block with some exposure. The boulder is only about 20 feet tall.

Red Tape

You will need a Adventure Pass for parking at the turnout.

External Links

For camping information and current conditions in Angeles National Forest. Here are three of the nearest campgrounds, all of which would be great staging places for peakbagging in the western San Gabriels:
1. Lightning Point Campground, on Mount Gleason
2. Monte Cristo Campground, off of Angeles Forest Highway but south of Mill Creek Summit
3. Mount Pacifico Campground, located on the summit of Pacifico

Pacifico Mountain is on the Hundred Peaks List.