Padon Ridge (W) / Bindelweg

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Padon Ridge (W) / Bindelweg
Created On: Aug 6, 2004
Last Edited On: Sep 15, 2008


Picture postcard view of Lago...Gangolf Haub - above Lago Federa
Handmade schematic map of the...Gangolf Haub - Marmolada group

As it is unlikely to expect that these minor summits in the Padon crest will soon get their own SP pages, I am describing this highly recommendable hiking route here, on the Marmolada subgroup page.

Passo Pordoi (the western trailhead), 2239m, can be reached by car, Porta Vescovo (the eastern trailhead), 2478m, can be reached from Arabba by a cable-car.

See the main page of Marmolada group for more information.

Here, I shall describe the route from the west to the east by the ridge and by Bindelweg back.

By the ridge towards the east

Approaching by the ridge to...On the ridge

The route offers excellent panorama and goes by an interesting volcanic ridge.

The recommended panoramic trail goes on top of the mountain ridge, crossing the summits: Col de Cuch, 2563m, Sas Ciapel, 2557m, Le Forfesc, 2585m and Belvedere, 2650m. When reaching Porta Vescovo (saddle) it is best and quickest to return back by the panoramic Bindelweg, which crosses the southern slopes of this crest.

From Passo Pordoi, 2239m, you reach the ridge at Rif. Baita Fredarola, 2388m in some 20 minutes. The wonderful south panorama on Marmolada opens. While the Bindelweg goes horizontally over the south slopes, you continue by the ridge. Over Col de Cuch, 2563m to Sas Ciapel, 2557m the path is easy. Then a more narrow path goes south below Sas Ciapel, and steep down to Col de Pausa. Also the route up to the summit of Sas Ciapel is not hard - a few steep meters over rocks and to the top. Over Col de Pausa the path is again more comfortable and the crest descends so much, that the path almost touches the Bindelweg. The last effort is to climb by the ridge some 230m over Le Forfesc to Belvedere, 2650m.

Continuing past Porta Vescovo would mean to ascend Sas de Mesdi, 2727m and further on by a quite hard Ferrata delle Trincee.

Back by the Bindelweg

Late afternoon on BindelwegLate afternoon on Bindelweg

After descending to Porta Vescovo, 2478m (hut), you descend some 100 meters towards the south and over the south slopes of the crest return back. The first half of the path, to Rif. Viel dal Pan is a normal marked path, while from the hut on the path is broad enough for small jeeps. This is one of the most frequented panoramic paths in Dolomites.

Why to recommend this route?

Perhaps we had all the best conditions, but for an easy warm-up for other tours this route fulfilled the afternoon, after we arrived in Dolomites, offering:

  • greatest panoramas possible,
  • interesting volcanic landscape,
  • abundance of flowers in late afternoon sun and...

    ... even solitude. We were the only (late) hikers on the ridge.

    Essential Gear

    Good shoes, poles. The whole tour can be done in 5-6 hours (or more, when weather offers great panoramas).