Grizzly Peak

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Grizzly Peak
Created On: Sep 18, 2005
Last Edited On: Sep 22, 2006


Difficulty: Easy Class 1
Distance To Summit: Round trip - 3 miles.
Distance of Loop Trail: Round trip - 5.4 miles.
Elevation Gain: - 750 feet.

Grizzly Peak is an easy 5.4 round trip trail with only 750 feet elevation gain. The peak is named after the last recorded Grizzly Bear known to be located in Southern Oregon. I imagine a fair amount of people climb it as there were about 4 or 5 other people on the trail the day that my wife and I did it. The first view from this trail is right at the trailhead. That view being a pretty up close look of Mount McLoughlin. The trail begins by walking through some fairly dense Grand Fir. With other trees such as Douglas Fir, Cedar and White Fir. Other views along the trail include beautiful meadows and plentiful wildflowers. As a matter of fact, at one point on the trail, my wife and I were up to our waists in wildflowers. The summit itself is located about 1.5 miles along the trail. You will see a sign pointing you to the summit at about 1.2 miles, follow it for about 0.3 more miles and then it will be located about 100 feet off to your right. The summit does not have a view but if you continue along the loop trail you will be blessed with views of the city of Ashland, Emigrant Lake, Pilot Rock and Mount Shasta. Another point of interest is the remains of a wildfire (Antelope Fire) that burned through the area in 2002, although that only affected a small portion of this loop trail.

Getting There

Following Interstate 5 South take a right onto exit 14, from there turn left onto Highway 66 about 3/4 of a mile and then turn left again onto Dead Indian Memorial Highway for just under 7 miles. Turn left onto Shale City Road for 3 miles and then left onto a gravel road with the Numbers/Letters - 38-2E-9.2 (Update: Some bozo shot up the sign so you can no longer read all of it. It now reads something like 8-2E- with part of the sign blown off). In just under a mile the road will fork, continue to go straight on the left fork (it should be marked with a sign that says "trail") for approximately one more mile where the road will terminate at the parking lot.

Red Tape

No permits required to park at the trailhead. Parking lot holds room for about 10 vehicles.

When To Climb

Spring/Summer/Fall: During Spring there is an abundance of wildflowers, it would be a good idea to take some over the counter allergy medication along with you just in case because of all of the pollen. Temperatures are milder at this time so it should make for a pleasant hike.
Summer time, the temperatures get well into the 100's sometimes, so come prepared with plenty of water and sunscreen. The flowers, although pretty, can be pretty rough on the allergy sufferer, so I encourage people to bring some over the counter allergy medication just in case as well.
Autumn brings cooler temperatures but I imagine this would be a pleasant hike as well.
Winter is definately the hardest time to climb grizzly peak, but can be very rewarding because of the solitude. Definately bring plenty of layers. The access road (38-2E-9.2) will most likely be covered with snow during the winter. Plan on adding 4 miles to your hike just for the round trip to and from the trailhead, making this overall 6.4 miles if you just plan to summit, 9.4 miles if you plan to do the loop. SNOWSHOES ARE A MUST!!

If you have a four wheeler you make be able to take some mileage off of your hike, depending on the snow level. We were able to take off only 2 miles, we had to hike 1 additional mile up the road to the trailhead. Note: Four Wheelers are not allowed beyond the parking lot.


There is adequate space near the Ashland/Mt. Shasta viewpoint where one could pitch a tent as well as the numerous meadows that are along the way. No fees that I am aware of.

Miscellaneous Info

I definately recommend taking allergy medication with you if you are sensitive to pollen or flowers in general as there is quite a bit of wildflowers here.

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