Salzburger Spitzl

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Idaho, United States, North America
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Salzburger Spitzl
Created On: Jul 10, 2006
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The Salzburger Spitzl is located in the Pioneer Mountains of central Idaho.

The Salzburger Spitzl, or just "The Spitzl" as most know it by, stands proudly among the most impressive Pioneer Mountain Peaks on the main crest of the range. And, altough not as high or nearly as rugged as its neighbors, it is a beautiful mountain in itself. From the south, it takes on the form of a massive spire (Spitzl) with an impressive face towering over the Long Gulch Drainage. The Spitzl's rugged mass of cliffs that form the north face create the stunning backdrop to Kane Lake; a populat hiking destination.

Although traveled infrequently, the Spitzl offers an activity that most other peaks in the area doesn't. Its massive south face is a favorite destination for back country skiiers. Otherwise, one or two hikers and scramblers make the long trek to the summit yearly where there are two summit registers to be found.

The condition of the rock, as with most of the range, is shattered and faulted to a great extent. For this reason, there has been no reported activity of technical climbing on any of the walls. However, boulder hopping in this portion of the range is predominantly stable and enjoable.

Getting There

To access from Ketchum, Idaho for the Pioneer Cabin Route, follow Trail Creek Road east from town until reaching the Corral Creek Road. Follow the improved dirt road to its end and a large parking area.

To access from Ketchum, Idaho for the Hyndman Creek Route, drive south on Highway 75 until reaching the East Fork Road Turnoff. Follow this road through the old mining town of Triumph until reaching a fork. Follow the left fork up Hyndman Creek until reaching the end of this improved dirt road in another large parking area.

Red Tape

All local dirt roads are closed during winter months.

There are no permits required in this area.


Camping is based on a first come first serve basis in the rotten Pioneer Cabin.

Several campgrounds are located near the base of the mountain both out Corral Creek and Hyndman Creek.

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Salzburger Spitzl

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