Pan de Azúcar

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Mérida, Venezuela, South America
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Pan de Azúcar
Created On: Mar 31, 2005
Last Edited On: Feb 19, 2006


Pan de Azúcar is a popular mountain near Mérida, Venezuela. It is located in the spectacular Parque Nacional Sierra Culata de Mérida. It is not technically difficult and provides good acclimatization for further adventures in the Sierra Nevada. On a good day views of the Venezuelan Andes are excellent and climbers can spot glaciated Picos Bonpland, Humbolt, and Bolivar.

Trips up this mountain are almost always 2 days although with ones own vehicle and a strong pace 1 day is possible.

Getting There

Arriving at the trailhead is easy with or without your own transport.

In Mérida take a van (por puesto) located on Calle 19 between 1 and 2. The ride is only 900 bolivares (USD 40¢) but they only leave when full so it isn't possible to leave very early or on a set schedule.

The end off the ride is Culata. There are some restaurants here (not open often during the low season) and a large but poor map. From here you will need to follow the rocky road up the valley into the National Park.

Red Tape

As yet no permits or fees to enter the park.

When To Climb

This mountain can be climbed anytime of the year but the best is during the dry seasons. December - March has very good weather.


No fees and camping is allowed anywhere. This is a beautiful area with excellent water and campsites.

There are also two abandoned homes (often called refugios) that could be used but they are not that nice and much better and closer camping exists.


Pan de Azúcar

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