Panorama from Tomyhoi Peak 2004

Panorama from near the saddle of Tomyhoi Peak. If you click on this picture it will bring up larger image. Scroll down to the middle, then scroll to you right.

Here are mountains that are there (not necessarily in order)

Church Mtn, Bearpaw mtn, Mcguire (bc), the coast renge (beyond in bc), Tomyhoi Pk, Canadian Border Pk, American Border Pk, Mt Slesse, Winchester Mtn, Mt Larrabee, Mt Lindeman, Mt Redoubt, Mt Spikard, The Northern Pickets, Luna Pk, Goat Mtn (east and west pk's) Challenger, Hannegan Pk, Whatcom Pk, Mt Ruth, The Southern Pickets, West McMillan Spires, Mt Sefrit, Seahpo Pk, Nooksack Tower, Mt Blum, Mt Shuksan, Yellow Aster Butte, Mt Herman, Mt Ann, Glacier Pk, Mt Baker, and the Twin Sisters Range. TOO NAME A FEW!!!

I've named over 30 mountains in three Ranges, I know I've missed at least 20. Few places stand in the heart of such topography, I miss the North Cascades.


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