Panorama of the badlands north west of Chucura, west of Huarancante

Panorama of the badlands north west of Nevado Chucura and east of Nevado Huarancante. It's easy to find a flat spot to camp around here, but where is some water?

Well, there isn't. I was hiking in Quebrada Achacullo, alongside a nice mountain stream. When I reached its source, I turned and worked my way up its western slope, looking for a place to camp. Once I got to the top of the slope, I had no trouble to find a flat spot, but there was no water. As the stream wasn't all that far away yet, I dropped my pack and went back down to the river to fill up all my water bottles.

Back at my pack, and with 4 additional kilos, I walked only a little bit further and camped right here. Early next morning I took this photo.

13 May 2011.


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