Panorama-view over the...

Panorama-view over the Konkordia-Platz. Left peak is the Moench, then Trugberg. Above the seracs of the Ewigschneefeld are Gross-Fiescherhorn and Hinter-Fiescherhorn. Then Gross Gruenhorn, Agassiz-Horn (white snow) and Finsteraarhorn (with cloud). In clockwise direction the glaciers "Grosser Aletschfirn", "Jungfraufirn", "Ewigschneefeld" and "Grueneggfirn" build the Konkordia-Platz where the Grosse Aletsch-Gletscher leaves to the right. This is the most arctic place in the European Alps. Seen from SW from the shoulder of the Dreieckhorn (May 2001)


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