Paragliding in early 1990's

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Paragliding in early 1990's
Created On: Oct 10, 2010
Last Edited On: Oct 10, 2010

Unter Rothorn, Zermatt.

After a successful ascent of Monte Rosa, I spent a day doing 1500m paraglider descents from the Unter Rothorn, into Zermatt, landing in a tiny landing area sandwiched between the railway station and the helicopter landing pad.

Paragliding in early 1990 sZermatt from 1500m above

Paragliding in early 1990 sSearching for the landing area

Paragliding in early 1990 sPhoto of me approaching the landing area

Paragliding in early 1990 sTouch-down in Zermatt after 1500m descent.

Paragliding in the Chamonix Valley

A flight from the Brevent above Chamonix, taking off from Plan Praz - riding rough thermals to over 300m above top station of the Brevant. And then suffering 75% canopy deflation and loss of 100m in an uncontrolled spiral dive. In the violent manoevers involved with recovery, I experienced a full deflation and saw the town of Chamonix over the top of my canopy before normal flight restored. I was glad to get down on the ground!

Paragliding in early 1990 sTake off from Plan Praz, half way up the Brevant.

Paragliding in early 1990 sClimbing above Plan Praz in very rough air.

Paragliding in early 1990 sLooking down on Brevant top station after recovery from a violent canopy deflation.

Paragliding in early 1990 sDuring recovery from the canopy deflation I saw this same view over the top of my paraglider!

Paragliding in early 1990 sStarting to descend - away from the rough air over the Brevant & Aiguille Rouges.

Paragliding in early 1990 sStarting to plan approach to Chamonix landing field.

Paragliding in early 1990 sSafely back down on Terra Firma - watching another paraglider land.



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Paragliding in early 1990's

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