Pared de Santillana, Normal

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Pared de Santillana, Normal
Created On: Mar 1, 2005
Last Edited On: Mar 1, 2005

Pared de Santillana (1.824 m)

Also called Pared de Santillán or Cancho de la Herrada, it's the ideal place for enjoy a classic climb. The almost vertical S face is 120 m tall and has a lot of holds.

First Climbed

This route was first climbed by Joaquín García Bellido in 1916.

Approach to Collado de la Ventana (1.784 m)

Reach the little wooden bridge over the meadow just before Refugio Giner de los Ríos (see the MAIN PAGE). Continue on another path that goes up to the left, into Circo (cirque) de la Pedriza Posterior.

Reach Arroyo (creek) de los Poyos, leave the marked path and cross to the other bank of the stream. Continue ascending on a good trail that constantly gains height along the base of the western side of Los Pinganillos. When the path flattens out and some meters before crossing Arroyo de la Ventana, take a steep path to the right, wich climbs the dry stream bed of Collado de la Ventana. The trail gains height by doing lots of zigzags, then it comes out of the trees and finally reach Collado de la Ventana (1.784 m). 2h 15 min.

Route Description

Then continue to the right (on the PR C1 trail) leaving the Point 1.828 m and Torre de los Buitres (1.829 m) to the left (S). Follow PR C1 and reach the base of Pared de Santillana. Climb the N flank to the top. 2h 45 min.


The descent can be done in the same route. But there is another more beautiful descent, wich is following PR C1: surround Pared de Santillana leaving it to the right (W), descend to Pradera de Navajuelos, pass to the right of the Point 1.678 m, turn left (SW) and as in the Laberinto route when surrounding Point 1.685 m. Total time: 5h 30 min.

As a PR (Pequeño Recorrido) trail, PR C1 is marked with white and yellow lines of paint.

Essential Gear

Take warm clothes in the coldest months of the winter (December to February), good boots and gaiters if there is a lot of snow. The ice is rare but take crampons with you if it's being cold nights. In summer don't leave your cap, lots of water, sunscreen and mosquitos repellent (if you are subject to stings). July and August are very hot here and you could have temperatures over 30ºC / 86F in the shadow. Never forget map, compass and altimeter, it's easy to to get lost, that's why the name of the zone, Laberinto / Labyrinth.

Pared de Santillana, Normal

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