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Location Lat/Lon: 35.83340°N / 52.29610°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Bouldering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 13074 ft / 3985 m
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Mt. Pashooreh is located in the eastern part of central Alborz. To the south it is limited by Lasem valley, and to the west it is limited by Haraz road. Mt. Pashooreh consists of a main ridgeline, in a SW-NE direction, and several neighboring peaks . The highest peak on the ridge (Pashooreh peak) is the one in the northernmost part as shown in the following picture.

Mt. Pashooreh

Regarding the elevation of the Pashooreh peak, different sources show different numbers ranging from 3870m to 4010m. There is a sign on the summit of Pashooreh showing the elevation as 3985m, and I used that one as reference.

It should be mentioned that although the whole mountain is known as Mt. Pashooreh, the highest peak is not Pashooreh peak. In fact Pashooreh peak is the highest point on the ridgeline, not the highest point of the mountain. The highest peak is Halzam located to the NE of Pashooreh peak with the elevation of 4050m (according to the map published by Iran mountaineering federation). The same map shows the elevation of Pashooreh 4010m.

The most popular route to climb Mt. Pashooreh is the one starting from the village of Nava, a very beautiful village off of Haraz road. This route is very scenic and the view is amazing.

Mt. Damavand

After about half an hour hiking from the village of Nava, you will reach a kind of flat area called Azoo plateau. It is a very nice area with an amazing view of Mt. Damavand.

The village of Nava

Mt. Damavand

There is a mud house in Azoo plateau where mountain climbers usually stop there to take a rest.

Mt. DamavandThe mud house

Here are some more views from Azoo plateau:

Azoo plateau

Mt. Pashooreh

From Azoo plateau the most straightforward route to the summit of Pashooreh is the one going towards Ebrat pass. From Ebrat pass you should go to the left and continue all the way to the end of the ridgeline.

Ebrat passEbrat pass

Here are some pictures I took on my way to Ebrat pass:

Mt. Damavand

Mt. Gole-e-zardMt. Gole-e-zard
Shocked donkeys

Mt. Pashooreh
Mt. Pashooreh

The summit of Mt. Damavand

On the way to Ebrat pass
Mt. Ebrat

Ebrat passEbrat pass

Pashooreh in persian language means something that can be used to clean or wash feet. The reason this mountain is called Pashooreh is the fact that there is an area there where you can find some special type of stones (very similar to pumice stone) that people, specially in the villages, use to clean the sole of their feet. It is a very effective way to get rid of cracked feet. I am not quite sure if these stones are really pumice stones or not. The following picture shows the area with those stones.

special stones

When you reach Ebrat pass the view is amazing. On one side it is dominated by Mt. Damavand, and on the other side it is dominated by Doberar-Gharehdagh ridge. From Ebrat pass you should continue to the left and go towards Pashooreh ridge. Here are some pictures:

The highest volcano in Asia
Doberar range

Doberar-Gharehdagh range
Doberar-Gharehdagh range

Looking west


One side of the Pashooreh ridge is rocky with several rock walls but the opposite side has gentle slopes on the higher elevations and steeper ones on the lower elevations.

Pashooreh ridge

Here are some pictures from different spots on the ridgeline:

The first peak
On the ridgeline

On the ridgeline
Looking NW

Mt. Damavand

The summit

The summit

Here are what you see when you are on the summit of Pashooreh:

The summitThe summit of Pashooreh, 3985m.

Looking north
Looking NNE

Looking NE (Mishineh marg)Mishineh marg
Looking ENE (Halzam peak)Halzam peak

Looking east
Looking ESE

Looking SE
Looking SSE (Mt. Gharehdagh)

Looking south
Looking SSW

Looking SW
Looking WNW

Special stones


Here are some more pictures I took on my way back to the village of Nava:

Halzam peakHalzam peak
A rock wall

Doberar peaksDoberar peaks
Mt. DamavandNava, Niak and Rineh

What is this?What is this?

Rineh, Nava and Lasem
Pashooreh peak

A nice stream
Azoo plateau

Getting There

To get to the village of Nava, you need to take Haraz road. After about 60km you will get to the village of Polour. If you continue for another 15km you will get to the village of Ab-e-ask. Keep going for another 5km and there is an exit on the right. Take the exit and go for about 9km and you will be in the village of Nava. You can park your car next to "Nava mineral water" factory, and start your hike from there.

Another popular way is to go to the village of Lasem, and start the hike from there. To get to the village of Lasem, you need to take Haraz road. About 2km after Polour there is an exit on the right. Take the exit and go for about 14km and you will be there.

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