Paul and I summited Quandary...

Paul and I summited Quandary on Sunday 6/15/03 late in the day around 2:45 PM. The route is Class 1 with great scenery. It is more of a lofty endurance hike with a few mountain goats in the vicinity. The climb was a little harder for us as we were a little hung-over from our night out in Breckenridge. Paul's first fourteener was Mount Democrat which he summited with me the day before. As with all my friends who bag their first mountain, I made sure to get him good and toasted as part of the reward! Nonetheless we hit the trailhead at 11 AM and sweated it out! This route is classic as it affords a great ridge line that is gained by leaving a forested area and escaping the tree line. The views are great and the glissading is top notch. We dropped a 1000' of elevation in minutes by glissading down the snow along the east ridge. A storm had moved in but luckily we beat it back to the rent-a-car.


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