Peak 5219

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Peak 5219
Created On: Jan 13, 2006
Last Edited On: Dec 1, 2009


From the intersection of us95 and i15 in Vegas, drive about 21 miles NE on i15. At this point, us93 diverges from i15; take the off-ramp for us93, the "Great Basin Highway". Turn left (north) on us93, and drive an additional 19.4 miles on us93. Look for a place to park well off the road (you may be able to drive to a utility road east of us93).

Route Description

Here are some waypoints relative to WGS84:
36.634285, -114.897195, "mouth", "MOUTH", "MOUTH", ff0000, 47
36.632476, -114.892726, "in-canyon", "IN-CANYON", "IN-CANYON", ff0000, 47
36.626418, -114.888597, "ridge", "RIDGE", "RIDGE", ff0000, 47
36.626388, -114.884885, "crest", "CREST", "CREST", ff0000, 47
36.645257, -114.881595, "summit", "SUMMIT", "SUMMIT", ff0000, 47
(maptech mxf format)

The map at the bottom of the page shows these waypoints.

From us93, head E across the desert to the waypoint "mouth", which is the mouth of the canyon. The canyon has two parallel washes at this point; stay near the more southern wash. Hike roughly ESE up the wash to waypoint "in-canyon", and turn slightly to the SE, continuing up to the saddle and the waypoint "ridge". From this last waypoint, work your way E up to the waypoint "crest", picking the easiest way across the obnoxious talus; often the rocky outcroppings provide some surcease.

From "crest", hike north along the ridgecrest to the "summit" at 5219T. You will travel over at least 3 minor summits, and around some rock pinnacles. Always, you can find a class 2 way around the rougher sections, usually by traveling first E, then back W to the ridgeline. Sometimes an unobvious, easier route is found by travelling W over the cliffs, before heading back to the ridgeline.

The hike is about 8 miles roundtrip, and is rough and completely TRAILLESS. The descent over the talus is slow and obnoxious. This route can be made entirely class 2. I believe there is a class 4 route connecting points 5226T and 5219T, but I would try that route from the N before attempting it from the S. There are large cliffs on the N side of Peak 5219 (see unattractive dark picture below).

Essential Gear

Bring plenty of water, regardless of the time of year. Sticky rubber soles are useful for the bouldering in the wash. Desert gaiters help keep out the cheat grass seeds, especially for the trek across the flats at the beginning and ending of the hike. Gloves may help protect the hands of piano players, neurosugeons, and massage therapists. Sunglasses are useful, as there is no shade on the ridgeline.

Don't do this hike in the summer; in fact, don't do it when Las Vegas temps are above 80F-85F.

Miscellaneous Info -- Easier Access

cp climbed peak 5219 in Feb 2006, by a more direct route. He went to the pass between peaks 5226 and 5219, and climbed south. Despite the formidable appearence of the cliffs, he found a class 2 route, we think up the blue dot route on the ugly photo of the 5219.

Matthew Holliman adds on Dec 01, 2009:
"I climbed Peak 5226 as part of a traverse of the Arrow Canyon Range yesterday. You can actually follow the ridge pretty much the whole way up; the only place where you have to skirt left is at the very bottom from the saddle (not shown in this picture). The "cliffs" are actually made up of very broken terrain, so the upper ridge is at most easy class 3--but quite enjoyable nonetheless."


Peak 5219

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